Hover Hand: What It Is And Why It’s Bad

hover hand exampleHave you ever seen the strange force that occurs in some photos with pretty women? A guy appears to be close to a girl and have his arm around her…yet, his hand seems to mysteriously hover away from her arm, waist, or any other body part.

I’ve seen it in prom photos, poses with celebrities, even when guys are hanging out with girls they are supposedly dating. Why would a guy ever do this awkward “hover hand” pose?

It comes down to confidence. The less confident the guy, and the more beautiful the woman, the more this “hover hand” phenomenon occurs.

A guy who does a hover hand on a girl (or anyone) shows that he can’t own the situation. He can’t just put his arm around her and see what happens. He fears touching her for whatever reason, so hover hand is the result.

It looks weird in photos because it appears the guy doesn’t want to be there or doesn’t like the other person. In a way it’s true. The guy with the hover hand is likely so nervous, he doesn’t know what to do!

Image from knowyourmeme.com

If you are in situations where you’re likely to be in photos, then you need to own those moments. I don’t care if it’s your office secretary or some girl you just met at a concert. Put your arm around the person like you actually like her (if that’s expected). Don’t go so far as to be overtly sexual or inappropriate. Also, don’t squeeze too hard! But, grasp her firmly and confidently. Don’t give any hint of a hover hand, especially if she puts her arm around you.

If you don’t feel comfortable touching her, then don’t put your arm around her to begin with. If you do, own it and avoid the hover hand.

If you are worried about being appropriate, then just put your arm around her shoulder. This is usually socially acceptable. If you can put it around her middle rib area or even lower, then go for it. However, you probably want to stick to the shoulder with the wife of the boss (of your boss).

If you get nervous, just remember that as a confident, popular guy, you must own your actions and your space. Bring her confidently into your space and your world. If you’re in a photo and she locks arms, you belong there! Make it your photo. This is just the way it works with confident men.

So, next time you get a chance to be in a photo, resist the force (i.e. anxiety) that leads to hover hand. Confidently and firmly put your arm around that girl! Own the situation and banish the embarrassing hover hand forever.

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