How I Prepared for the Tough Mudder

Autumn valleyI’ve run three of the Tough Mudder races, a twelve mile obstacle course. Is it a little crazy? Sure! But it’s also an amazing accomplishment. If you are in great shape or simply want a fitness challenge, then the Tough Mudder is a great option. In addition, it’s an incredible social event because you’re running it with thousands of other people (and there’s a party afterwards).

Diet And Nutrition

When I first started preparing for the Tough Mudder, I was about eight pounds over the weight I wanted. For the previous three months, I had tried to take the weight off with a little bit of calorie restriction. However, it didn’t really do the job and I hadn’t lost any weight in those three months. That’s when I decided to try a lower carb option.

I didn’t go extreme, but did keep my carbs to around 150 grams or less. However, whatever diet plan you pick, you’ll want to make sure it provides you the fuel needed to train for the race but also keeps your body lean and fit. Having excess weight will only weigh you down on the trails and harm your joints when doing the obstacles.

If you eat too much or eat junk your body won’t be at its best for fitness (or anything). Keep your calories below what you burn and you’ll lose weight. If you are at your goal weight, then make your calorie intake equal to what you burn through activity.


I was in great shape when I started planning for the Tough Mudder, but I stepped it up even more. It is based on Beachbody Insanity. I supplement this intense core conditioning with middle distance running (anywhere from six to nine miles), sprinting hills, hiking, and calisthenics.

This routine certainly has given me great cardiovascular fitness and pretty good strength as well, relative to my size. I was in the top two percent at the Warrior Dash and was blowing by people in the (untimed) Tough Mudder. And, I’m 36 years old. So, with the right training and practice, you can still be highly successful.

What are you waiting for? Get training now and run a Tough Mudder!

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