How To Be An Alpha Male

greek alpha big smallThink of great men throughout history: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Dwight Eisenhower, even Martin Luther King, Jr., Siddhartha (The Buddha) and Jesus.

Despite all of the differences of time periods, political and religious views, and appearances, they all have one thing in common: they were alpha males. Many of the most confident, successful men throughout history have been alphas. In fact, guys who want to be leaders in any setting should ask themselves how to be an alpha male.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post about alpha and beta males, a true alpha male is the ideal standard for a man (and women love them).

The concept of an “alpha male” among humans is a controversial concept. Many people deny that human alpha males even exist, suggesting that given the complexity of human social interaction, it is inaccurate to call any human an alpha. However, we define a human alpha male as a confident leader that leads within complex human interactions. So, an alpha won’t necessarily be the biggest and most aggressive man; rather he will have the traits that make one a leader within the advanced human social web.

How to Be An Alpha Male

However, most guys aren’t alpha male leaders. They are beta males, jerks (who aren’t really alpha), or worse, omega males. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. While some people are born with a propensity towards alpha behavior (like extroversion, assertiveness, and social charm), no one is truly born an alpha male.

A guy must become one. But, it isn’t always easy, especially when society becomes more and more “beta” and feminized. So, with that in mind, here are our tips explaining how to be an alpha male.

Be High Value

The alpha males throughout history and in the present day all have traits or skills that society, as a whole, values. So, if you want to be an alpha male, you’ll have to be a high value man. That means you’re worth knowing and worth following. You are attractive in the broadest sense of the word.

Remember when looking at your value (or lack of it) that men and women value certain universal traits while looking down on others. So, you may be the most knowledgeable person about Star Wars in your workplace, but no one cares (unless you work for George Lucas, perhaps). Being the best salesman or funniest guy at your job both actually mean something.

High value traits are: wealth, being funny, being in great shape, confidence, height, playing an instrument well, status, power, being a great dresser, power, etc. Yes, I said power twice. That is because it may be the most important.

Be Confident, Even Cocky

Being an alpha always involves confidence. And, sometimes it may be having a cocky edge, or outright cockiness. Every alpha male has a lot of confidence. Being a leader requires believing in yourself and your talents. If you second guess yourself, hedge your statements, or don’t really believe you’re awesome, you won’t ever be an alpha male.

So, walk down the halls with swagger. Hold fast to your opinions. Believe that you are great and worthy of admiration. Don’t be a braggart, because those guys typically are blowhards. However, remember that great leaders can also bend and learn from their mistakes. But, even if you have to change course or admit being wrong, let that be a part of your leadership, not a sign of weakness.

Be Charming With Social Skills

Many people conceive of an alpha male as a grunting, muscular jerk. However, how many CEOs of companies fit that description? What about presidents? Generals? The answer is virtually none. And that is because a human

What separates an alpha male from a cocky jerk is charm and other general social skills. Even if you are confident and powerful, if you can’t win over others without resorting to force, you’ll never be an alpha male. Reaching this status usually means being charming, funny, and witty in addition to having confidence.

A guy like Alexander the Great could fight for sure, but he was also able to lead an army and get others to want to follow him. So, you’ll need to be intelligent and quick witted too.

Read books, watch the news, practice being witty and personable. Persuade others and be smooth. Get them laughing. Impress them with your knowledge and skills.

Take Charge (Of Your Life)

Most people who seem like alpha males just act the part. Posting about being “red pill” or making comments on blogs doesn’t make a guy alpha. True men take charge of their lives first. Improve your job situation, get your finances under control, lose weight and get fit, etc.

You can’t be a confident leader if your own life is out of your control. So, wherever you are, you’ll have to resolve to be in more control. If you are married, quit letting yourself get mistreated by your wife. If you have kids, step up and be a father. If you work a crappy job, then get another one or start your own business. If you’re obese or out of shape, start fixing that. You get the picture.

Once you step it up in your own life, others will see your confidence and courage and naturally want to follow you. In addition, being in charge of your own life will show others that your efforts to take a lead in other areas are well-deserved. They’ll want to follow you. Owing your “shit” as they say is a key to being a leader.

So, quit being a follower of others and get out and enjoy the benefits that come from being the alpha male!

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  1. Also, if you are an Omega male, remember that you have to become Beta before you can become Alpha, just ad you have to walk before you can run. People who try to skip this step become weird creeps (pick up artists are a good example)

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    That is an outstanding point. Omegas who try to be alpha just become more confident weirdos.

  3. Cerulean says:

    I look like a mix between alpha and omega to be honest am just not physically fit and don’t like sports or being a leader in school (high school) but hanging out with friends am usually the leader


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