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When we ask women what traits they find attractive, one of the most common we hear is “being funny.” And, it’s not just the women we talk to. Studies have consistently shown that funny men are more attractive to the ladies. One study showed that women were three times more likely to give their phone number to a funny guy.

This means that every guy should try to be funny, at least those who want to be attractive to women (and even other men for friendship). But, being funny isn’t always the easiest task. Some guys just simply don’t have it. Although humor requires delivery, tone, and quick thinking, here are a few tips where we explain how to be funny.

Although this will get you started in a general sense, a great way to learn how to be funny is to watch good comedians/funny friends in action. Observe what they do and mimic them. But, don’t just steal their stuff. Come up with your own.

Observational Humor

The best type of humor is observational or situational. This is the case for a couple of reasons. First, it not only makes people laugh, but it builds rapport. You’re making people laugh in a context where it becomes about them. And, most individuals like when it becomes about them. Second, it shows that you’re quick on your feet.

The easiest way to do observational humor is to simply make funny or witty comments about what you see around you. You do this by paying attention and speaking up. Just make sure your comments are in good taste, not mean towards others, and genuinely amusing. The example below, just to clarify, needs to be delivered in a fun way.


You see a girl with dyed red hair. You say, “I love your hair.”

She says, “thanks.”

You respond, “You’re welcome. It reminds me of the Hawaiian Punch I enjoyed as a child.”

Be Knowledgeable

This may sound like an odd tip on knowing how to be funny, but it makes sense. The best comedians are able to speak on many topics so that they can reach the largest number of people. So, if you want to be funny to the most people, make sure you have a wide knowledge of topics. Anyone can throw out low brow humor. But, in order to be truly funny, a guy needs to be intelligent and educated (at least in a broad sense).

Read up on various topics, like science, sports, current events, popular culture, etc. That way you can make jokes in any situation and make anyone laugh, even those who are the polar opposite of you. As an example, I am not into comic books. But, I was raised around them and know enough to talk to people and joke around with them about the topic. The comment below is not only funny but, if the girl knows comic books, a good conversation starter as well.


You meet a girl wearing a shirt with a Green Lantern ring on it.

You say, “If I was wearing yellow today, you’d be in big trouble!” (Green Lantern is weak to yellow)

Have An Edge

While you don’t want to go overboard, especially in your everyday life (see next tip), the best humor does have an edge to it. It’s why corny jokes usually get more groans than actual laughs. The best humor needs to be at least slightly edgy. The best jokes always carry a bit of risk.

But remember, edgy just means pushing the envelope a little. It doesn’t mean being angry, nasty, or simply throwing out bad language. Some people are all edge and no humor. Simply being outrageous isn’t the same as funny.

Use good judgment, but with women edge can take the form of teasing. Remember, though, that you’re teasing, not directly putting them down. But, a tease with a subtle edge can be very funny and effective in pushing attraction buttons.


A girl is wearing a shiny dress.

You say, “I think I’d like that dress…But I don’t know because I can’t look directly at it.”

Don’t Be Creepy

Perhaps the biggest way to repulse women (and other men) is to be creepy with your jokes. If your humor makes someone feel uncomfortable, then there won’t be any attraction at all. This means avoiding topics that show others you’re dangerous or inappropriate.

As with the last tip, it’s OK to push the envelope. But, if you push it too far, you’re going to fail. Avoid topics that make people uncomfortable like graphic sexual humor, death, torture, race bias, etc. And, if you find those kinds of things funny then you probably need to grow up and/or stop being so weird.

This list should help you get started in being funny. Our book Be Popular Now has a couple chapters devoted to being funny in more detail. Check it out and wow the ladies with your humor.

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