How To Be More Grateful

yoc2Anyone browsing this at least has the internet, which shows a pretty decent standard of living. That means you, dear reader, likely have many, many things for which you can express gratitude. How often do you do it? If it’s “not enough” don’t feel bad since being grateful isn’t always easy for a lot of people.

I don’t want to go into the reasons for the average person’s lack of gratitude because it’s negative. However, I do want to discuss how to be more grateful because gratitude not only relieves stress, but it also makes us happier! And, who doesn’t want to be more happy?

So, here’s how to add more gratitude into your life.


One of the reasons most affluent people (yes, that is almost every first world person) have trouble with gratitude is because they always want more and more. It’s hard to be grateful for what you have when you’re always looking for the next round of “stuff” you can ad.

To be more thankful, clear out some of the clutter from your life. This can be both material and emotional clutter. Simplify your life and you’ll likely have a lot more gratitude for the things you do have.

Do Some Charity

One way to show a little (or a lot) more gratitude is to go out and be around those less fortunate. It’s hard to be upset about your minor problems when you see others who have much bigger problems.

Go out and do some charity and do it regularly. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, work at a food pantry, build homes for the poor, and so on. Whatever you pick, you’ll not only help yourself be more grateful, but you’ll be helping others. You’ll make the lives of other people better and feel good about yourself.

Keep A Gratitude Log

This advice might be typical, but how many people actually do it? Write down what you’re thankful for each day. The end of the day is best as you can reflect on your daily blessings. This will force you to examine your day to find where you have reason to be grateful.

Oftentimes, we focus on the negatives, like having a bad day. But, in many cases there are far more positive aspects of our lives than we realize. By figuring them out and writing them down, we’re training our brain to focus on those, rather than the negatives.

In addition, these daily logs are great reminders of positive events in our lives. I enjoy looking back on my gratitude journal, especially when I need to remember how good my life has really been.

Focus on the Little Things

Too often we miss the silver linings in our lives because we’re so busy looking for gold. When trying to be more grateful, it’s imperative to focus on the little things. And, they’re not even really little things, just what we take for granted.

For example, do you have a house? What about a working vehicle? Enough food to eat? Medical care? Clothes on your back? Clean water? Your health? These are all little things for most people. But, for some people, those are huge things that they wish they had.

When you focus on being grateful, don’t neglect the things you take for granted. In fact, truly having gratitude means you focus even more on these. Don’t take anything for granted! These are often the biggest blessings.

So, as you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you can have more gratitude. Hopefully these tips will help you know how to be more grateful.


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