How To Compliment Women

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You can’t bribe a woman into finding you attractive, whether it’s money, an expensive dinner, or compliments. If this was the case every guy with more money than dates would be a total player and stud. In fact, we’ve written a whole article on why complimenting women doesn’t get you dates.

Women will definitely take your compliments (if you’re not a creep) but they won’t necessarily date you unless other factors are at play. Complimenting a woman who doesn’t like you leads to outright rejection for creepiness or the friend zone.

How To Compliment Women

There is definitely a place for compliments. The great romantics throughout history who had incredible success with women utilized sweet talking and compliments.

But, compliments must be given under certain circumstances. Here is how to compliment women in a way that will get you dates with them and make them even more attracted to you.

It’s All About Attraction

Lots of guys start online dating messages with “Hey beautiful…” The vast majority don’t even get a response. Compliments only work with a woman if she’s already attracted to the guy. Otherwise, there’s the creepy or friend-zone factor.

Once you meet her (or from online engagement, which is possible, but more difficult), determine if she’s romantically attracted to you. Look for the various signs of attraction (like hair flipping, etc.). If you can tell that she likes you, then a few well-placed compliments could even make her more attracted to you.

Initial attraction is important. If it’s there, then your compliments make her like you more. It’s like if a beautiful girl tells you you’re hot. That is valuable; hearing it from your eighty year old great aunt isn’t (and is creepy). So, throw out compliments, but only once you’re completely sure that she likes you (at least in a basic, initial sense).

Compliment With Confidence

Even if she likes you, complimenting the wrong way can make you look like a loser. You don’t ever want to appear to be sucking up or wimpy. That’s why knowing how to compliment girls involves doing it with confidence.

This means complimenting in a way that makes you look good. You can usually accomplish this by being decisive and concise. For example, don’t go on and on about how great she is or practically recite a poem in her honor. Rather, say something like “you look really beautiful tonight” or “that dress makes you look hot.” Also, never compliment to suck up (like when she’s mad).

Compliment Scarcity

Compliments only mean something if you don’t always throw them around. Let her know that you don’t compliment often. This way your compliments are more valuable and they’re taken more seriously. It also shows that you are confident. Let her realize that you only compliment if it’s true.

So, you might want to tell a girl that you’ve met and you know likes you that you don’t compliment much, then say “but” and proceed to give her a compliment. It makes that praise more believable and valuable.

You also do this by not going overboard. Don’t ever lie or make up compliments. Be honest and straightforward. If you really do like her hair that day, speak up. If you don’t, then tell her (nicely) or keep quiet. Too much complimenting makes them cheap and ineffective.

Mix Compliments And Teasing

Remember that teasing women is a great strategy to get them to like you. When praising them for something, don’t forget the teasing factor as well. If you give out a few compliments, make sure to keep up the teases too.

Women like being teased (in a fun, flirty way). So, you’re not playing good cop, bad cop here. But, you’re keeping the relationship in a good mix of serious/playful. And, you’re keeping her guessing a little about your true intentions.

You can also mix teasing into a compliment. Something like “I love your hair tonight. It reminds me of my mom’s curtains” is a nice mix. Just make sure that she knows you’re joking and afterwards make sure to tell her that you really do like her hair.

Compliments will go a long way in helping her become more attracted to you. However, knowing how to compliment women is essential.

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