How To Get Free Stuff When You’re Out

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Free stuff is great! And, it’s an amazing perk of popularity. I can’t even calculate how much free or discounted stuff I’ve gotten over the years, just by being my popular self.

A few weeks ago at one of my favorite restaurants, the employee (whom I didn’t even know until two weeks earlier) apologized because he couldn’t give me my coffee for free that day. Let that sink in for a moment. He apologized to me, the customer, because for one day, he had to make me pay (something he made everyone else do everyday).

Popular people know how to get free stuff when they’re out, even if they can’t explain it. It just happens. And, here’s why. Most people live boring, unfulfilled lives and are looking for companionship and meaning. Outgoing, fun, and popular people give them those, even if it’s just for brief moments (like in line at a restaurant). So, if you want basic tips to get free or discounted stuff, keep reading.

Make People Laugh

We live in a very boring, serious culture at times. Work is one of those times. I’m not sure why, but even in jobs like fast food preparation, humor is discouraged. And, where it’s not discouraged, many service jobs simply suck. The pay is low, the customers are annoying, and the work lacks meaning.

So, if you can make people laugh and entertain them, you’re more likely to win over employees and get free stuff from them. I typically try observational humor, drawing on their experiences. It’s more personal and shows I’m paying attention. But, don’t venture into making fun too much or you’ll appear to belittle them.

Show Empathy

Remember how I mentioned that most jobs suck? Well, if you can recognize that fact and treat employees accordingly (i.e. treat them with respect), then you’ll be more on your way to getting free food, coffee, etc.

You can show empathy by being patient, laughing off mistakes, and being detached about your service. So, the person messes up your order? You don’t freak out. Everything takes longer than usual? You are patient and in a good mood at all times.

Be Excellent

Celebrities often receive swag bags at award shows. Isn’t it strange that insanely wealthy people receive free gifts? Well, welcome to the world! We reward excellent people, even when they don’t really need rewarded. So, go out and be excellent (and get rewarded).

This means dressing well, being funny and confident, having a little swagger, and letting your talents be evident to the world. For example, if you play the guitar and write songs, that skill will impress people (and get you free stuff) much more than if you’re just a bland average guy.

Always Be Willing To Pay

No one likes  a mooch. I get free stuff because I’m cool, not because I expect or demand free stuff. When I’m out and about, my goal is always to be popular, cool, and the center of attention. Free stuff is just the icing on the cake.

So, when you go out, don’t make getting free stuff your goal. Make your goal to be popular and positively impact other people. In fact, there are places you may get free stuff one day and the next time you won’t. Don’t take it personally. It could be that the manager is around and the person isn’t allowed.

And, always offer to pay and be willing to pay. Excellent people always are able to pay the bills. They don’t seek charity. And, when you get free stuff, be thankful.

Best of luck getting free stuff. Remember, it’s mainly about being popular and loved. However, it’s also nice to not have to pay for coffee and get discounts on just about everything else.

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