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All it takes is a quick glance at television, the internet, and other media to know youth is king (or queen) in modern society. When we’re actually young, it’s easy to look younger; we simply be ourselves. However, when we’re older (especially past the twenties), looking younger becomes a lot tougher. It seems our bodies seem to fight us at every opportunity.

However, there is good news. While older adults may never be able to look like they’re sixteen again, it is very possible to look more youthful at any age. So, here we explain how to look younger.

Live A Clean, Relaxed Life

While we will address this more in an upcoming article, anyone wanting to know how to look younger must read this advice. Doing hard drugs, smoking cigarettes, and consuming other harmful substances (including some legal medicines) can make a person look older, sometimes significantly.

Go to your local jail website and check out the photos (or find a random one online). Look at the people in there for drug charges, especially those over thirty. In almost all cases, they look older. In some cases, the hard living has added fifteen years to their appearance.

It’s not just drugs that can stop a person from looking younger. Stress can also take a toll on youthfulness. Google before and after photos for United States Presidents. The wear and tear on their faces in four or eight years is way beyond the average person’s aging during the same period.

So, one key to look younger is to avoid hard drugs and cigarettes, stay off other medicines as much as possible, and keep other habits (like alcohol or coffee) in moderation. Don’t be the person who looks far older than he actually is.

Stay Trendy (But Not Too Trendy)

Lots of older people look old because they don’t keep up with the fashion trends. If you are wearing clothes that were popular when you graduated years ago, chances are you look outdated now (unless the style has come back). The same is true of hairstyles. Nothing says “old” like a hairstyle or outfit straight from another decade. Knowing how to look younger often comes with knowing (and following) the recent trends.

But, avoid being too trendy. If it’s newly popular with the sixteen year old age group and you try it, you may just end up looking like an old person trying too hard to look young. And, that makes you look…old. Try to find stylish and trendy outfits and hairstyles, but don’t go for teeny-bopper trendy.

Exercise and Lose Weight

One way to look younger is to lose weight and get working out. As we age, our bodies tend to sag and wrinkle. Working out tightens them up. And, losing weight allows muscle tone to show. In addition, working out helps us look younger at the cellular level. It can fight harmful inflammation, a serious aging factor.

If you are in great shape, eat right, and have a tight body, you will certainly look younger than your age. But, don’t overdo working out. Overexercising actually increases inflammation, so it’s counter-productive to help you look younger.

Below is a humorous look at “Jeff” trying to stay young.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you think about it, the skin is the biggest indicator of how old (or young) we look. So, if you want to know how to look younger, you need to focus on the skin. While the skin is affected internally by diet and exercise, you can’t lose focus of its external health either.

So, always use sunscreen on your face, even while driving. Supplement with Vitamin D to get this essential nutrient. Make sure to moisturize your face and use face creams that help with youthfulness. Retin A is a good prescription cream that can help with wrinkles. We’ve written a retin a wrinkles article you may find helpful.

Keep Some Hair (Get Rid of Others)

The biggest ager for men under forty is baldness. If you want to look younger as a guy, don’t go bald. We’ve written an article about what to do if you’re balding that explains more. Women with thin hair look older too. Also, make sure your hair has color. Premature (or even mature) gray hair makes you look old.

Sometimes as we age, we get hair where we don’t need it. For guys it’s the ears and nose. I’d argue this applies to back and chest hair as well. For women it can be a mustache and beard. Shave or wax that unnecessary hair. It looks terrible and makes you look older.

So, hopefully now you know how to look younger. Visit the other links within this article for more specific advice. You may also like our category pages (on right sidebar) which sum up our article themes.

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