How To Meet Girls At Haunted Houses

halloween crossIt’s the Halloween season and single guys are still looking to meet girls, so why not try and combine the two?

First and foremost, remember that while a guy might be thinking of getting a date any time he sees a pretty girl, a lot of girls think differently. They may go to a haunted house, to well…go to a haunted house. They are not looking to date anybody at that event, particularly you, unless you come across as attractive to them.

Remember, in terms of human evolution, guys pursue, girls are pursued. So, remember two points before trying to meet any girl anywhere:

  1. They are at an event because of the event.
  2. They don’t want to be openly “hit on,” especially not from a low-value guy who is obviously hitting on them.

Ladies, you can thank me later for that advice!

So, with that in mind, yeah, you can meet girls at haunted houses. Because they aren’t looking for a guy there, you have to pretty much establish you are a confident and high-value guy before anything else will happen.

In all honesty, the secret to meeting any girl anywhere is to talk to her and establish yourself as a guy worth knowing.

Be Aware Of Her Body Language
While, yes, women won’t pursue you typically, they will drop lots of hints, including body language, that they may be interested. If, when in line for a haunted house, the girls in front of you get giggly, start whispering, or show “into you” body language (like one of them keeps looking at you, or her naval is pointed at you, especially if there is no good reason for her to be angled that way), she is giving you “the green light” to talk to her. While this won’t guarantee a date, or even that she will say more than “hello,” always be on the lookout of signs a girl wants you to say something to her.

Have Fun
If you are desperately looking for a girl at a Haunted House, it will show. Instead, focus on having fun first and foremost. Enjoy yourself. Make meeting women an afterthought that “just happens” rather than obsessing over it. You’ll find that if you are relaxed and having fun, meeting new people, including women, just happens.

Lines Are Your Friend
Most people hate waiting in lines, but that is a great place to strike up a conversation with a random person. The best way to open a conversation is to make an observation of some kind. Remember, simply talking to a girl establishes that you have value (confidence at the very least) over the other guys who are simply staring at her.

As we mention over and over in Be Popular Now and Size Doesn’t Matter, the best “openers” are natural conversation starters based on observation. Don’t use dumb pick-up lines. Below are some examples of observational openers. The last two are funnier and edgier, but the most effective if you can pull it off.

“This line is really long.”
“Have you ever been to this haunted house before?”
“That’s a cool costume. Where did you get it?”
“High Five (raise hand)! Awesome costume.”
(To a girl wearing an obviously serious costume): “That’s a hilarious costume. It made me laugh.”
“I hear this place is scary. A friend of mine peed his pants last year. It totally ruined his social life, but for some reason I always bring it up when I see him.”

Then, it’s your responsibility to keep the conversation going. This is beyond the scope of this post, but the best way to do it is to ask questions, show interest in them (build rapport), and flirt (keep it about 1/3 flirting to 2/3 serious/rapport building).

Be There When They Get Scared
If you establish yourself as a high value guy, then a scared girl is likely to latch onto you if you are nearby. They will only do this with a guy they consider both attractive and able to protect them.

So, if you connect with a group, make sure you end up near them when the scaring time comes, and who knows, you just might be the guy she reaches for when she feels the subconscious urge to grab hold onto somebody.

So, good luck. Check out more tips to meet girls during Halloween.


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