How To Meet Women On Halloween


Scare her and she might grab you…

Halloween is no longer just a child’s holiday. With the billions of dollars poured into costumes, decorations, and parties, the adult side of Halloween is much more pronounced than ever.

As a popular, socially themed holiday, it’s a great time of the the year to meet people. It’s especially good to use Halloween to get yourself a date. So, without further delay, here’s how to meet women on Halloween. I’ve ordered the tips by event/location.

Haunted Houses

These are fun attractions that are visited by millions of Americans every year. Why are haunted houses perfect for meeting women? It’s because there are a lot of girls there and it’s a fear inducing environment. And, what do women often look for when they’re afraid? A guy to latch onto!

If you and your buddies go to a haunted house (don’t do this alone or you’ll look creepy), you can get in line near a group of women. Approach them in conversation and play up the scary aspects of the venue. If you’ve built enough rapport, then you can go in the house with their group. And, when the time comes for fear, hopefully they’ll grab you and your friends for support.

The key to meeting girls in haunted houses is to present yourself as a confident provider and protector type of guy. You want to be relaxed and laid back too. If you are as creepy as the decorations or as scared as the girls, then you’re going to fail.

For more detailed information, check out How To Meet Girls At Haunted Houses.

Trick or Treat

Looking to meet some hot single moms? If you have a child, then take him trick or treating. If you don’t, then give out candy at your house. In either scenario, you can chat up the single women who are with their kids. Also, if women with kids aren’t your thing, lots of times sisters, aunts, etc. come along.

When you meet women during Halloween trick or treat, keep a few things in mind. The first is you have to be funny, clever, and charming as always. One way to show your intelligence and high value is to be creative with your costumes and/or your house decorations. If your house is amazingly decorated or your costume is unique, it’s a conversation starter (they’ll even talk to you first about) and it makes you look good.

Halloween Parties

Most guys get invited to at least a Halloween party or two. If you haven’t been invited, then throw one yourself. Still not feeling it? Many clubs and venues offer Halloween parties open to the general public.

The general rules for approaching women in clubs still apply. However, like with the trick or treating, you can use the Halloween holiday to your advantage. The best way is to pick a creative and unique costume. If the costume makes you look powerful and manly or makes them laugh, you’ll win bonus points.

When people make comments about your costume, it’s fun to respond in character. For example, if you dress up as a priest and a girl makes a joke about it, respond with something like “bless you my daughter” or say for her penance she needs to give you her phone number.

So, to review, you’re basically going to Halloween related places and venues. You have to convey your usual charm (if you don’t have these skills check out our book) while appearing like a confident provider and protector. If you’re dressed up, using your costume as a conversation starter is a great strategy.

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