How To Pick – And Use – A Halloween Costume To Meet People

Man Wearing Fat SuitI think it is an unfortunate thing that as children we get to “dress up” all the time, but adults are afforded one day a year – Halloween – to play make-believe. So, guys, you get one day a year to dress-up and have some fun, so you might as well use it as a chance to meet new friends and dates.

Saturday night I was at a gigantic Halloween street event in Columbus. It was sponsored by my favorite radio station, CD102.5, a local alternative station, so my friend and I decided to stop by. I had just bought a really cool costume, an inflatable fat guy with a shirt that says “personal trainer.” As we walked up and down the four block strip, person after person either smiled or made some type of comment about my costume. This gave me a chance to open up many conversations, with humorous follow-ups about offering free personal training or diet plans. It was a great time.

So how can you benefit from a great costume? First, you need to know how to pick out a costume. Read this post from this site for more detailed advice on that.

Stand Out By Being Fun and Creative

Most guys put on a mask or a mullet wig and they are ready for Halloween. That type of simplicity isn’t bad, but you won’t stand out that way. If you want to stand out, you need to find (or make) a costume that will get you positive attention. My “personal trainer” costume did just that. Other great costumes I saw were guys dressed as different hot sauce bottles and girls that went as social media icons. Otherwise, I saw a lot of Batmen, witches, and Captain Americas.

When choosing a costume, choose something that is very funny or very creative – or both. Homemade costumes, if done well, are usually the best.

Work It Like You Own It

Just wearing a cool costume is not guarantee you will have the personality and style to pull it off. As I walked down High Street in my fat guy suit, I pretty much strutted with confidence. I knew people were looking at me and making comments, and I showed them that I absolutely loved it. Have you ever seen a really confident and talented athlete or musician while performing? They ooze confidence and coolness. When wearing a cool costume, you will stand out, so you have to work it properly, or else you will come across as uncomfortable and awkward.

So, when wearing your unique costume, be confident and know your value. You are getting positive attention, and you love it! You are an entertainer and making everyone’s life a little richer!

Have Lines Ready To Follow Up

People will love talking to you if your costume is cool and entertaining. So, you need to have follow-up ready. Your follow-up should be just as cool as your costume! It should also be thematically related. So, if you are dressed as a priest, have lines ready about blessing people, going to confession, etc. I had lines related to being a fat personal trainer handy, about my eating plans, etc. If you want to “push it” a little bit, to flirt with a girl showing you signs of attraction, have some lines of that nature handy. For example, a guy dressed as a priest could talk about “hands on healing” or someone in my costume could mention giving away free training to girls in “slightly better shape than me.” However, know your event! Some comments that are appropriate at a street party would not be kosher at an office party.

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