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Note: David wrote a much more in-depth article about beating baldness, and how we have beaten it for almost twenty years.

Baldness is a problem that many men face. Although bald guys can be successful and attractive, a quick check of television, ads, and other parts of popular culture show that having hair is definitely considered the norm for men.

Consequently, lots of guys who currently have full heads of hair wonder how to prevent going bald. They’ve likely watched their fathers, grandfathers, and brothers go from a full head of hair to nothing in just a few short years. However, there are ways to prevent baldness.

First, let’s look at the causes of baldness. While there are medical conditions that lead to balding, those can be corrected once the condition is treated with the right medication. However, most men are bald thanks to male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition where men lose hair in a particular pattern. The hair falls out at the back top of the head first, then slowly recedes from both the top front and back. When the process is complete, the man simply has hair on the bottom sides of his head, but nothing on top.

Male pattern baldness is genetic. That means you’re either going to be bald or you’re not. Except for a few options (discussed below), you can’t change it. And, contrary to popular perception, your father isn’t a great indicator of being bald. Look to your mother’s side. If her male relatives are balding (like her brothers, your uncles), you likely will be too.

How to Prevent Going Bald

So can you learn how to prevent going bald? Not really. There isn’t a magic way to prevent male pattern baldness if you have the genes to go bald. But, while you can’t prevent baldness, you can manage the balding process early, so that you will keep the vast majority of your hair.

You absolutely must catch your baldness early if you want to keep a thick head of hair and prevent going bald. This is extremely important. You do this a few ways.

First, check your family, especially your mom’s side. Are your uncles and maternal cousins bald? If so, be ready. You might go bald at some point in your life. But, it’s not a complete guarantee.

Second, keep a close eye on your hair and your hairline. Does your hair end up in places where it shouldn’t (like your brush, the shower drain, etc.)? Remember that some hair loss everyday is normal, but if you’re losing it in large amounts, you might be going bald. Compare it to your hairline as well. If it’s receding in the areas described above, you’re likely going bald.

Enlist the help of others too. Ask your barber or friends and family. Once again, the absolute key for preventing going bald is to catch your hair loss early. If you catch it early, you can stop it in its tracks.

So, we’ve talked about the generalities, but now we’ll mention how to prevent baldness. Yes. There are a couple of solutions. The first, and best, is a drug called minoxidil. This is also known by its brand name Rogaine (or Regaine in Europe).

Minoxidil is an over the counter drug that you can put on your scalp (either through a spray or dropper). It’s available in 2% and 5% solutions. The 5% is advised for men, but some men report success with the female version (2%) as well. This is usually cheaper, so use it if you can.

Minoxidil is a great solution for a few reasons. It’s over the counter, so you can buy it anywhere. It’s cheap (generic costs around ten dollars for a month supply). And, it’s very easy to apply (simply apply a dropper full of minoxidil to your scalp twice a day). Spending 120 dollars a year and ten seconds a day to keep your hair is a huge bargain.

The key to success with Minoxidil/Rogaine is catching the balding early. It is proven effective only in the early stages of baldness.

Click here to order minoxidil from Remember to consult with a doctor first.

Another way to prevent going bald is to use a drug called Finasteride. It’s also known by brand names Propecia and Proscar. It is effective in stopping hair loss, but it is prescription only. In addition, it has some serious (even if unlikely) side effects (impotence, cancer, etc.). Also, Finasteride is more expensive, around 60 dollars a month.

So, hopefully this article will help you keep your hair and prevent baldness. But, as mentioned previously, you must catch the baldness process early to truly keep your hair.

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