How To Rock A Christmas Party

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or if you want to get technical, the Christmas holiday season. And, with that comes the opportunity to attend a variety of Christmas functions, whether it’s office parties, family and social gatherings, or even community events.

However, these gatherings aren’t always the easiest for shyer people or those who lack the proper social skills. After all, a lack of social skills doesn’t magically end with Thanksgiving. So, for those who need a lot of help or for men who just want to dominate the holiday social scene, here is how to rock a Christmas party.

Don’t Overdo It On The Food (Or Alcohol)

In most cases holiday parties have a lot of food and drinks (many alcoholic). However, it’s best not to overdo it on the food or the drinks if you want to be your best self and succeed with impressing others.

First, let’s look at the food. While you’ll want to enjoy the chance to eat, if you’re the guy pigging out in the corner feeling bloated and reeking of garlic, no one will want to be around you. Eat enough to feel full and then stop. You won’t be weighed down and bloated and you won’t look like you lack self-control.

Drinking alcohol is a popular Christmas activity, but losing control or looking like a drunk isn’t charming. This is especially the case at office functions. Keep it moderate and, if you have a tendency to overdo it, stick to coffee or pop. Being fully in control of your senses will give you an inherent advantage anyway when everyone else is impaired.

Take Advantage of the Holiday Cheer

Lots of people open up a little around Christmas time. Normally uptight people let loose, at least to a point. While the holidays are stressful, men and women seem willing to deal with that stress by socializing with others and enjoying holiday related activities.

So, you can tap into some of the general holiday cheer found at these Christmas parties. People will likely be more willing to socialize, make friends, and talk. Approach them and use the lighter mood of the holidays to your advantage.

Set Yourself Apart

As with any social setting, you’ll need to set yourself apart if you want to be the life of the party. This will definitely be the case if you’re shyer or tend to blend in. Of course, you can do this with our usual tips of making yourself high value. But, at a Christmas event, you can use that theme to give yourself an advantage.

Come dressed as Santa Claus, wear an ugly sweater, or do anything that can get you noticed in a positive way. As with Halloween, Christmas is a time when you can, at least within limits, push the envelope a little bit socially. If you think you can pull off something funny or unusual, then do it.

Mingle And Approach

If you don’t usually socialize with others, then a Christmas party isn’t going to be a cure all for your ills. In fact, since these parties tend to be busy, there might be even more social anxiety.

You’ll need to overcome that anxiety if you have it. Even if you don’t, to fully take advantage of the busy holiday party season, make sure to approach new people and mingle among those you might not normally socialize with.

Although it might be difficult, you’re not going to change your situation if you don’t break out of your comfort zone. Christmas events are typically well attended. Don’t let that go to waste.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for those upcoming parties and go out and rock them!

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