How To Stay Social As Summer Ends

leaves lining a pathUgh…the summer is coming to an end.

Autumn is officially a month away, soon the green landscape will turn to yellow, red, and orange, and eventually everything will pretty much just look brown – until spring arrives. Summer is an easy time to be social and popular. Everyone is scheduling fun events and activities. Restaurant patios are filled with lots of people and Christmas lights. Life is fun. People want to be outside doing things.

Then comes autumn. School starts, vacations end, and many people begin to hibernate socially, popping their heads out of the cave for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but quickly going back inside until pink, purple, and white dot the landscape in April. It can all be kind of depressing…unless you have a plan. This article isn’t going to contain earth-shattering information, but it will hopefully give you a few ideas about keeping your summer momentum going.

One major key to staying social in the fall and winter is to work a little harder. That is all it takes. Groups are still having events. Restaurants still want your business. Clubs have closed down their porches, but they still want you inside. Schools may have started and vacations mostly ended, but that means people are much more eager to get out and be social. Sure you can’t golf as easily or find as many races or mud runs, but that doesn’t mean the social world shuts down.

Keep looking for events. is a good one to find events and groups in your area. Personally I love football and there are a lot of football events going on in the fall. Also, many towns are having fall-related festivals (Octoberfests included) that draw huge crowds. Some places even have winter festivals, but these might be harder to find. If all else fails, host your own party, or talk a friend into doing it. I guarantee if you provide food, drinks, and fun, people will show up.

The temptation in the fall is to stay inside. “It’s too cold!” “It gets dark so early!” Just like every other excuse for being unpopular and unfulfilled, this one is lame. So what if it is cold and dark? That is even more reason why getting out and being social is important. You can easily get out in the colder months. I even run in most of the winter (be sure to buy some thermal clothes and keep your head and hands covered), while everybody else is cooped up inside.

In short, summer ending doesn’t have to end your social life. Get out and have some fun!

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