I Am Lonely: Tips To Beat Loneliness

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I hear the words “I am lonely” a lot from my male clients and readers. These words usually come from a deep sense of frustration and despair, especially among the older men.

Humans are social animals and being lonely, especially for outgoing people, can be tough. If you’ve reached this page by typing I am lonely, keep reading. We have great tips below to beat loneliness.

Find A Blast From the Past

Lots of lonely people have gotten into a rut of loneliness. They haven’t been lonely their entire lives. But, they have typically lost track of old friends who once brought them joy. If you are saying I am lonely all the time, then why not look up old friends? Probably since you’re depressed. Well, it’s time to let that go.

You can find old friends on Facebook or maybe even where they used to live. Reconnect, even if you’re both in different places in life. There’s no sense being lonely when you can seek out people who used to bring you joy. But, if you reconnect online…

See People In Real Life

If you’re lonely, you may be spending too much time interacting with your friends online and not enough in the real world. A study showed that online interaction can actually make people lonelier.  Only real world interaction decreases loneliness.

Online friendship is great. But, it should be used to create real world meet ups and friendships. I think that’s why online relationships make us more lonely. We have a taste of the fun, but can’t complete it by seeing the person in real life.

So, if you have a lot of friends on social media or on your phone’s contact list, go out with them in the real world. In the end, you both will feel better and get more out of it.

Get Out in New Environments

I know it sounds like common sense, but it’s not for many people. Tons of people who say I am lonely all the time spend their time away from people. If you experience loneliness, staying inside your home or place of work all day won’t make it better.

Find new places to go and exciting things to do. This will get you outside and among new people. Even if you don’t make any new friends, at least you’ll be doing something fun and exciting. Loneliness can sometimes be made better just by getting out and being around people.

So, join that new club. Go to a different shopping mall. Take a day trip to another town. Book those summer concert tickets. Get out!

Meet A New Person Each Day

When I worked out at the YMCA, in a few years there, I met several new friends. They all approached me and started conversations. If they hadn’t done that, I likely wouldn’t be their friends to this day (I typically focus on working out at the gym).

If you’re saying I am lonely too much, then when you get to new environments (or familiar ones), make a goal of approaching at least one new person a day. This is especially true at places like work or common hangouts. You probably see the people all the time. Get to know them a little better! You might find a great friend.

All the best in getting over your loneliness! Check out our other articles for numerous tips to find friends and get dates.

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