“I Don’t Care If I Am Popular” And Other Lies Unpopular Men Tell

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When I was a freshman in college, I was struggling to find my way. I just graduated from a smaller high school where I was very popular. However, arriving at a fairly large state University was overwhelming and I didn’t know the things I know now about being popular. I remember being frustrated with my lack of popularity, yet if anybody ever asked, I would say things like “I don’t care if I am popular,” “I don’t care if I have dates on weekends,” or “I don’t care if I don’t go out on weekends.”

They were all lies.

I eventually settled in to a great social life (it could have been better, if I knew what I know now!), but I swore, when I was unpopular, that I didn’t want to be popular. Deep down, and when I was with my close friends, I would admit that the opposite was true: I really, really, wanted to be popular.

Wanting to be well-liked and admired is built into the human brain. It is  natural desire. So, I find that (outside of a few genuine loners) the only people that say “I don’t care if I am unpopular” are frustrated, unpopular people.

The bad news is that if you keep saying that, you may never learn the tools it takes to be popular. The good  news is that if you man up to your desire to be popular, and visit this website (and buy the forthcoming book), you will learn the skills that can make you more popular in any environment.

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