If This Is Real, God Help Him…

Pathetic Guy sticks with girl

This could be a joke, but I suspect it is true. This guy, who might be classified as an extreme “Beta Male” with some “Omega Male” tendencies, was dumped on beyond belief, passed up for a more desirable guy by his girl, and treated like an animal. This post is not about asking ways to get over her, or even become more like the guy the woman obviously preferred. Instead it is whining about how hard it is to leave this girl.

This guy may look back and laugh at his public silliness and eventually realize his mistake. While in the swirls of “love,” it is easy to put up with being mistreated, but when that chemical cocktail deluding our thoughts subsides, and we see clearly, our behaviors don’t make sense anymore.

Is there a lesson here? Yes. Don’t be this guy.

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