Is Coffee Good For You?

coffee cup at restaurantIs coffee really good for you? I get that question a lot when I try to tell others about the health benefits of coffee. Yes, I’m kind of a coffee apostle. Lots of people assume that coffee is a “bad habit” along with drinking too much alcohol, smoking, overeating, etc.

While coffee, like most things in life, is best enjoyed in moderation, based on modern research, the answer to the question is coffee good for you is fairly established: absolutely!

It Helps With Focus

Coffee can genuinely help you be more focused. It’s not the coffee so much as the main ingredient, caffeine. But, coffee is a potent source of caffeine (higher than tea, chocolate, and soda/pop). Coffee is so powerful that it can mimic the effects of ADD drugs, but without the negative side effects.

So, if you need to finish that project or study for a test, coffee doesn’t just wake you up. It actually makes your efforts more focused and effective. That is certainly a good thing for modern focus challenged individuals which is becoming more common and…look a cat climbing a tree!!!!!!

It May Prevent Disease

Coffee may actually help with the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Promising research seems to indicate coffee can even help prevent Alzheimer’s. In addition, it may help with symptom relief in Parkinson’s disease patients. Coffee could also help with sufferers of liver disease. Granted, these findings are tentative, but show promise.

So, for those suffering with these ailments, the question is coffee good for you has a definite answer! And it’s yes.

Your Morning Cup Has Anti-Aging Properties

Free radicals can contribute to premature aging and general bodily stress. Antioxidants are natural enemies of free radicals. And, coffee contains tons of antioxidants. So, your coffee habit is good for your youthfulness.

In fact, coffee may be the number one source of antioxidants for most Americans and Europeans. While you probably knew your morning grapefruit helped your health with its anti-aging antioxidants, you probably didn’t know your morning coffee is just as good for you!

It’s A Good Low Calorie Snack

Coffee, when prepared with a little cream and sugar (or a zero calorie artificial or natural sweetener) is a pretty good low calorie snack. Drinking a large cup of coffee with a couple of creams and two Splenda packets (or stevia) is around sixty calories.

Sipping this tasty sixty calorie drink for an hour beats snacking on a three hundred calorie packet of chips (or more) during the same period. I typically enjoy coffee throughout the day (up until around five) and it helps me avoid snacking too much. At night, I’ll switch to decaf so I can sleep.

So, is coffee good for you? As long as you don’t drink too much of it, the answer is absolutely yes! However, don’t drink too much or you might get the jitters.

So, stop feeling guilty about your coffee habit. Embrace it!

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  1. Great article on the coffee health bennies Jonathan!! Nice to be able to really enjoy something (beverage, that is) and not have to give it a second thought about any health concerns. So, drink up everybody.

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and happy to see someone else who loves coffee like I do.

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