Jesus Christ: Alpha Male

jesus expelling money changersAs kids, we often get a sanitized version of the Bible. The outrageous and violent stories are filtered out. However, so are many of the more interesting and masculine ones. What we’re often left with is a bland picture of Christian salvation history. This happens with Jesus, as well. We’re left with “nice guy” Jesus.

I hate to disappoint nice guys everywhere (well, not really), but Jesus isn’t really your role model. Jesus Christ wasn’t a nice guy at all by the standard modern definition (agreeable and passive). Nope, Jesus was a strong, tough, disagreeable leader. Sure, he had compassion and loved others. But, he wasn’t squishy. In short, Jesus was the true definition of an alpha male. Here’s why.

He Pursued His Own Path- Damn the Consequences

Jesus was a carpenter until the age of thirty. Then, he changed his life and pursed a public ministry. Unlike the vast majority of Jews in his day, Jesus dared to reinterpret roughly a thousand years of Jewish tradition. That definitely takes guts.

He not only reinterpreted the traditional message of the Old Testament, but went around Judea publicly preaching it to whomever would listen. Like all alpha males, Jesus knew what was right, stood firm in his conviction, and influenced others. He did it knowing there were serious risks, even to his life. However, that boldness and convictions resulted in many followers.

He Stood Up To Power

Jesus didn’t live in a multi-cultural society. Although Rome had diversity of religion, Jewish people were subject to the religious laws of Judaism. So, teaching anything that could be construed as heresy or blasphemy could (and did) result in severe punishment. Yet, Jesus approached the religious authorities head on.

While Jesus didn’t seek conflict, he stood firm to his teachings even when conflict arose. He was flexible enough to include those who were sympathetic to his teachings, but he didn’t back down even when the powers that be pushed back. In fact, they pushed back to the point of death.

He Told It Like It Was

Jesus wasn’t afraid to tell it as he saw it. He didn’t hedge his words or keep silent in the face of disagreement. When people approached Jesus for advice, he was compassionate, but always gave an honest answer. The Bible is clear that he even lost some followers because of his bluntness.

Yet, by standing firm for his teachings he was admired and gained even more disciples. Then, as now, people admired a strong guy who would speak his mind. Jesus called people out on their sins and asked them to completely re-order their lives. And they did it!

He Provided For Others

Finally, Jesus Christ was an alpha male because he provided for and protected others, which all alpha males should do. Almost all of his miracles centered around meeting the needs of weaker individuals. He fed five thousand, healed the sick and the lame, gave fisherman miraculous catches of fish, etc.

Even his death in Christian tradition has been interpreted in a providing and protecting way. He gave of himself so that others can be released from the powers of sin and death. That is the ultimate act of providing and protecting.

Oh, and he was resurrected. That’s pretty alpha too.

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