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Update: 2/5/16

I’ve been thinking about revising this article for a long time. But, now, with latest news about Johnny Manziel, I take back everything I wrote here. While Manziel certainly had many of the traits of listed below, he certainly doesn’t anymore.

Being an alpha male leader and role model involves manning up and getting your life together. While I’d never judge someone for living a somewhat wild and outrageous lifestyle, you also have to work hard and achieve in your profession. Johnny Manziel hasn’t lived up to the hype.

At some point, he can’t just live on his reputation, but has to achieve. Right now, Manziel is no different than the old, fat, balding former high school football star who is a present loser, but lives off the glory days. Granted, Manziel’s glory days were pretty glorious. But, he needs to get it together. He’s on a downward spiral. He’s not a role model to anyone anymore.

The original article is below. I hope Johnny can get his act together and at least find success in some capacity.


If there’s only one thing I can say about former Texas A&M and current Cleveland Browns quarterback it’s this: he’s not boring. For anyone who knows about Manziel, it’s obvious. But, is Johnny Football (as he’s called) actually a role model? For anyone wanting to be a successful man, the answer is yes!

Manziel spent two seasons at Texas A&M as their starting quarterback, where he shattered many records and even won college football’s highest honor, the Heisman Trophy, as a sophomore. He was drafted at #22 overall in the first round of the NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns. Although he ran into some trouble off the field (including getting arrested for misdemeanors, flack for off the cuff tweets, and allegedly charging for autographs while a college athlete), he’s regarded as a cool guy.

Sure he’s controversial, but he’s also very popular. He’s loved (and hated) by many across the nation and is now a household name. Once they drafted him, Cleveland Browns season ticket sales skyrocketed. Immediately following the draft his jersey sales jumped to the number one position. And, there isn’t usually a big market for Cleveland Browns quarterback jerseys.

I’m a Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel fan. And this is why I believe he is an alpha male worthy of emulation.


Manziel has swagger. Like it or not, the guy carries himself in a way that says he’s the boss. Sure, sometimes this behavior gets him into some hot water and aggravates some of the population. But, it also gets him lots of attention, publicity, and money.

He knows how to sell himself because he obviously believes in himself. That’s why I believe he has so many haters: jealousy of his success. Don’t hate Johnny Manziel. Be like him! Have the confidence and swagger that comes from high self-worth.


The guy is a winner and that can’t be denied. He set school records and played a major role in helping his team to many wins.  Being a winner involves, above all, leadership. As the quarterback, he led his offensive teammates on the field. But, he’s not just a winner in sports. He also has made many business deals to make sure that he continues to make money and be in charge of his brand. He’s a winner all around.

If you want to be a winner in whatever you do in life, be a leader. Take charge and get others to follow you. Above all, take charge of yourself and market yourself to the world. Even with controversy and bad decisions, everyone still loves a winner. Be a winner.


Johnny Manziel is very competitive. The guy wants to win and do his absolute best, no matter what it takes. Anyone who’s watched him knows that he has saved many drives by scrambling. He never folded in the pocket. He found a way to compete and often took a beating for it. But, he always got up and did it again. Some of these highlights show what a competitor he is.

If you want to be a confident, strong alpha male, then you need to be competitive. You can’t give up or fold in the face of outside (or internal) pressures like hot women, intimidating co-workers, arrogant bosses, jerks at the gym, etc. You should always want to not only be your best, but be the best.

So, he might not be a traditional role model, but that’s OK. He’s not traditional. He’s popular, fun, competitive, exciting, and a winner. If you want to be any of those, then there aren’t many better role models than Johnny Manziel.

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