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In college, before I had the skills I have now, I would contemplate how to meet women (and make friends). I would come up with elaborate ways to meet the “woman of my dreams.” Maybe she would be stranded in her car and I could save her. Maybe she would need help in a class, and see how well I was doing, and request my help. Maybe as I was running on the bike path along the river she would fall and I could help her back to her dorm.

Maybe these elaborate and ridiculous scenarios could have happened, but they never did. While I was dreaming up all these crazy complex scenarios, I could have been out doing something simple and effective: actually starting conversations with women.

Just Say It: If you want to talk to a someone, do it, and talk about anything

The best way to meet a woman (or anybody) is to strike up a conversation. You can ask a question or make an observation. It is even better if it is funny and/or flirty, delivered with confidence. If you see a girl in the checkout line ahead of you at a store, just say it. Observe something about her groceries (“Ahh chips and pop…you must be on a diet”), or ask her a question (“Are those blueberries organic?”). If you see a girl walking toward you while you are running, do the same (“How’s the weather back that direction?” or “Where does this bike path go anyway?”).

It is delightfully simple. Just say it. I realize that working yourself up to confidently talk to any and every girl you desire is the difficult part, at least as far as our brains are concerned. I suggest starting off small. Every day talk to someone new. Make a commitment to do it. Get a friend to do it with you for even more added value.

If you do this for a month or more, you’ll find three things are true. First, most people will welcome your conversation. They will talk back. People love interacting with cool people, and if you follow the principles of our book Be Popular Now and this site, people will love talking to you. Second, you’ll get better at it. You’ll start getting better at conversation, and eventually you’ll even “close” and get a number and some dates from it. Third, you won’t want to stop after thirty days. You will feel so good from meeting new people and taking charge of your social life that you’ll keep doing it.

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