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How many times do you speak your mind in a given day? Once? Twice? Not at all? If you want to be successful, you also have to learn to assert yourself and your opinions. While you should never be brash or too talkative, if you have an important point to make, then make it. Don’t let fear of anything guide your actions.

Author Rod Stryker, in his book “The Four Desires,” recommends saying whatever you feel like saying, so long as it is appropriate and won’t get you in trouble, for 24 hours straight. So, if you want to tell your boss that your pay is too low, say it. If you want to ask the girl next to you on the train for a date, then do it. You get the point. Always be respectful and charming, of course.

This exercise is designed to help you get over shyness and the sense that you can’t say what’s on your mind (for whatever reason). Unless your family, friends, and co-workers are psychic, you’ll have to speak your mind or they’ll never know your needs. Not only that, but being assertive and opinionated (while being respectful) is sexy to women.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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