Lose Holiday Weight: Four Easy Tips

thanksgiving dinner tableThanksgiving and Christmas are over. So is New Year’s Eve. You’ve just awoken from the stupor of holiday parties (many of which started in early December) and you check the scales.

You’ve just experienced firsthand the reality and emotional pain of holiday weight gain. On average, it’s five pounds! Don’t be depressed. It’s not hard to lose holiday weight. In fact, we have four easy tips.

Get Back In The “Old” Routine

The biggest problem when trying to lose holiday weight is that the holiday routine becomes “normal.” In other words, you continue buying those Hershey kisses long after they stopped making the Christmas themed bags. The key to quick holiday weight loss is to get back to your old, successful eating routine before the new one becomes the norm.

Don’t let the days tick by to the point where it’s January 10th and the weight keeps piling on. However, your normal routine may just help you with maintenance. To lose the holiday weight, you’ll need to cut back. So…

Cut Calories In Spots

For most people, the need to lose holiday weight only involves a few pounds. So, a crash New Year’s diet isn’t necessary. Since you increased your weight by adding calories (remember all those Christmas cookies) in spots, you can lose by cutting calories here and there.

Look at your eating schedule and cut back in little ways. Eating a cheeseburger? Lose the cheese or pull off some excess bun. Coke with lunch? Drink water or unsweetened iced tea. Going for dessert with friends? Order coffee instead. Once you’ve gotten back to your preferred pre-holiday weight, then you can start readjusting to your normal eating.

Increase Your Exercise

If you’ve cut back on calories, then you can maximize your weight loss efforts by exercising more. Once again, it doesn’t have to be extreme. Add an extra five minutes a day to the treadmill. Increase your jog by a quarter of a mile. Or, park out at the mall and walk. Any extra calories you can burn that you normally wouldn’t will help you in losing those holiday pounds.

Boost Your Metabolism

As we age our metabolism slows. This is unfortunate because the faster our metabolism, the faster we lose weight. While some of it is out of our control, there are ways to increase your metabolism. The first is exercise. Another is to space your eating more evenly throughout the day. To lose holiday weight it may help to eat six small meals for a week or two. Finally, some supplements can help boost metabolism. One example is green tea. Drink a cup a day or take a capsule.

So, hopefully these tips will help you with losing holiday weight. Best of luck in getting that great body back (or getting it for the first time)! Check our “health and fitness” category to see more weight loss and exercise tips.

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