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There is a basic principle that will always make you popular.

Make people feel good.

If you make people laugh, smile, and feel romantic attraction, they will want to be around you. If your presence in their life gives them hope and excitement, they will want to be around you.

Popularity really is that simple, although making this happen is more difficult. Why is that guy at work unpopular? Well, he keeps to himself, snaps at people when they make a mistake, and couldn’t say something funny if his life depended on it. Why is his co-worker popular? He is understanding with his co-workers, socializes with others, and his humor neutralizes the stress and monotony of the job? Let’s break each guy’s behavior down:

Guy One: Won’t talk to others, snaps at people, not funny – does not leave people feeling good

Guy Two: Talks to others, is patient with others, and is funny – makes people feel good


Obviously there are many ways you can impact a person positively. I suggest making people feel good in a variety of ways, and understanding your audience. Some guys impact a girl positively, but in a friend sort of way, so they aren’t making her feel good in the way that meets their goals (i.e. making her feel good by being romantically attracted).

So, make someone feel good today. Do this every day, and you’ll be amazed how popular you

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