Martin Luther King, Jr. A Confident, Strong Man

martin luther king jr speakingToday commemorates the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., the great civil rights leader. When discussing inspirational leaders in the USA, his name is often near the top. He had many traits that successful men throughout history also had.

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, here are three traits he possessed that you can model for success.


While I am not an advocate of total non-violence (I believe in self-defense), I still think that resorting to violence, except as a last resort, is a weakness.

It’s why the hothead and the jerk are considered low value. Being able to stand strong and not overreact in the midst of stress is a great leadership trait. He remained cool and calm in the face of violence, abuse, and death threats.

Leads In A Crisis

Anyone can take the lead at the local PTA meeting. However, in the midst of a terrible crisis, there aren’t many men volunteering to tackle the real issues head on. There still aren’t really.

King inserted himself into a dangerous situation that he knew could lead to serious harm to himself. But, he moved forward and did it anyway. And, he gave it all. But, he never appeared nervous or angry. He remained cool and calm, the traits of all great leaders.

He Overcame His Flaws

I’m not going to list the problems Martin Luther King, Jr. had or his character flaws. Lots of racists exploit this and they’re readily available on the internet. However, he certainly had flaws. He was a human being after all. But, they didn’t cripple him or stop him from achieving greatness.

We all have our weaknesses and some we may never improve on. But, MLK, Jr. is a role model in that we can still achieve our dreams and positively impact the world in spite of our human flaws.

We wish you a great Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Follow his example and be an excellent, successful, and great man!

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