Martin Luther King Jr: Alpha Male

martin luther kingToday we celebrate  the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights activist and inspirational leader to millions. Without King’s non-violent leadership, it’s likely that civil rights for blacks would not have advanced to the level they are today.

Although there will be a lot of talk about King on today’s holiday, we want to look at him from another perspective. So, here we examine Martin Luther King, Jr: alpha male.

Protector Of Many

During the time of King’s activism, US blacks suffered a lot of discrimination and even violence in spite of being liberated from slavery nearly one hundred years earlier. This was especially true in the Southern states.

Martin Luther King stood up for the rights of people who didn’t have the courage to do it themselves. In that way, he was a provider and protector of others, two alpha male traits.


Of course, all great alpha males are leaders. And, King played this role well. He cooperated with many allies to achieve his goals. But, he also wasn’t afraid to stand up to those who refused to treat blacks and whites with equality.

Like the greatest leaders throughout history, he fought for his values and even paid the ultimate price for his convictions and courage.


King showed great bravery and was unbreakable in the midst of many different challenges ranging from violence against his followers and him to time spent in jail. In spite of it all, King remained steadfast and stuck to his convictions. And, incredibly he remained non-violent.

This unbreakable spirit is a trait of alpha males. They don’t give up and hold fast in the midst of whatever comes their way. They are the warriors and fighters, even if they never raise a weapon.


Finally, Martin Luther King, Jr. was incredibly flawed. I’m sure detractors will point out his mistresses or the cheating at college. There’s no need to gloss over this part of his history. Alpha males aren’t perfect.

However, alphas don’t care about the opinions of others. Sure, good leaders listen and adapt. But, they don’t let lesser men or women bring them down. They stand fast to what they believe in.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Try to emulate his alpha male traits in your own life. Take a stand today. And everyday.

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