Meeting People At Festivals

estonian festivalThis past weekend I went to the Dublin Irish Festival (Ohio). It’s one of the largest of its kind and there are thousands of people all in one spot. They’re enjoying music, drinks, food, and other entertainment.

So, if you’re friendless and single, this could be the ideal place to be since festivals are perfect for meeting new people.

Yet, for a shy, introverted, awkward person, all those people don’t even matter. That guy simply has no ability to meet strangers, even if they’re all around him. However, we have a few tips for meeting people at festivals to help out guys like this.

First, let me say that while people aren’t necessarily going to festival type settings to meet new friends or dates, most will be open to the possibility simply because of the fun, social nature of festivals. With that said, here are our tips.

Use Your Common Ground

You’re at a place where hopefully you want to be and that you have an interest in (like Irish culture, certain type of music, etc.). Well, guess what? Nearly everyone else is there for the exact same reasons!

Unlike at a bar, club, or other setting, you know that there is at least one shared interest with practically everyone surrounding you. So, use it. It can be as simple as asking people questions, starting conversations, or even joking. At the Irish festival, I often joke about my Irish heritage (I’m dark skinned and dark haired).

The point is that you have a lot in common with the people around you. Make conversation. It’s natural and the others at the festival will likely want to talk about what they enjoy.

Go With A Friend

Showing up alone to festivals does look a little low value (or a lot). So, drag along at least one friend. Not only will you look like you’re not alone, but you’ll also have someone to approach new people with.

If you’re shy, try to go with a friend who is more outgoing. Encourage each other to help approach new people. Maybe even turn it into a game where you compete to see who can approach the most strangers and/or get phone numbers.

Get Outside of the Festival

If you find someone you really like (romantically or otherwise), you’ll definitely need to close the deal by getting a phone number, adding the person on Facebook, etc.

One way to set up the close is to get the person away from the festival environment with you (and maybe your group of friends). This will help solidify you as more than just someone they met at a festival and instead help you become a new friend or romantic interest.

By leaving with you, it’s creating a new level of trust and commitment. So, you’ll want to offer, once the festivities end or even before, a trip to a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or other venue to get to know each other more deeply.

Have Fun

Above all, have fun at the festival. Always be your best self and at the top of your game. But, don’t let the anxiety of meeting people drag you down and make you anxious. Go to the festival first to have a good time. Then, once you’re having fun, branch out and meet other fun, cool people.

That’s ultimately how popular people meet new friends and dates. They are popular within themselves, they go out and have fun, then effortlessly meet others. Go out and do the same.

With summer almost over, the last of the festivals will be coming up. Get out there and start meeting new people. With these tips (and our other advice on this site), you should meet a lot of new people.

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