Men And Women Process Breaking Up Differently

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Add yet another difference to how men and women think and process emotions: men and women handle break-ups differently.

A recent study shows that women feel the pain of a break-up more intensely. They also experience more physical pain and ailments associated with a break-up.

Women, however, seem to get over the pain faster than do men.

The researchers speculate that women feel more initial pain because of evolutionary reasons. If a woman reproduces, it requires a lot of time and resources (9 months of pregnancy and even more time breastfeeding, etc). Thus, it makes sense her brain will create a stronger bond with a high value man (at least in evolutionary terms). However, since men typically compete for women (i.e., men have to approach and initiate), attractive women often have dating opportunities arise after a break-up with little work on their part.

Men, on the other hand, may pine longer, because while a single woman likely will have multiple suitors competing for her attention, a man may find that he is unable (and unwilling after a break up) to compete to get a new woman. Even attractive men may find themselves dateless after a break-up if they aren’t willing to put in the work to meet new women.

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  1. “Women feel the pain of breaking up more intensely” Hahaha! When they do the finishing?!?! DO THEY FUCK feel ANY pain.

  2. women don’t feel any pain then if they meet someone so soon after a break up. They are all SCUM.

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