Men Who Hate Women

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Throughout my life I’ve met lots of guys who, for whatever reasons or another, just didn’t like women. Maybe some of your friends or guys you know at work have a hatred for the female sex. Men who hate women feel this way for a variety of reasons. We’re going to address a few of those reasons.

Men Who Hate Women

I don’t believe any reasons are valid for truly hating women. I also believe if a man hates a woman for any reason, it’s largely his fault for losing control and becoming too attached.

While there certainly are terrible women out there who might be worthy of disdain, hating another person only disrupts the one doing the hating. A guy who hates women is driven from a place of submission to his hatred, not control of the frame.

So, while a man might have had issues with women in the past, he can’t let that dictate his dealings with women in the present. He just appears angry and weak. And, while women respect cockiness, they don’t respect men with unresolved anger issues towards their sex.

The Butthurt Hater

Many men hate females because they’ve been rejected so many times. They absolutely love women. But, they can’t have a woman (especially one they’ve developed a crush on), so they end up feeling resentment towards the entire sex.

Believe it or not, a lot of “nice guys” fall into this category. When their techniques fail, they feel entitled to a date. And, entitled people end up hating what they can’t get. These beta male women haters have the right impulse (loving women), but can’t get past their bitterness. It’s a “I love her so much that I hate her scenario.”

These guys need to just relax and start being attractive to women. Rather than hoping and praying a woman will change her tastes to suit them, they should start being the type of man she will date. These haters really hate evolution (and its attraction indicators) in the end and refuse to adapt.

The good news is that women are usually attracted to personality more than looks. So, a guy can change his personality and get over this hate.

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Momma’s Boys

Momma’s boys sometimes hate women. And, these men are some of the most difficult to deal with. On the one hand, these males, sometimes beta, sometimes omega, feel a great attachment to their mother. On the other hand, they feel emasculated by their smother, er, mother.

Guys who are attached at their hips to their moms often view women they hope to date and befriend in two ways: an ideal domestic servant or a hated, overbearing oppressor. In some cases, they’ll have these feelings at the same time. Talk about a problem!

God help any woman who dates this guy. No woman can win. A woman is a stereotype and label no matter what she does. Until he breaks free from his mother, she can’t expect anything but misery from him. But, that’s OK because he isn’t leaving his childhood bedroom at his mom’s house any time soon.

Guys With Anger Issues

Some guys are just angry and these dudes also hate many other people, things, and places, typically weaker ones (like the mentally disabled, hamsters, and New Jersey).  These guys will happily badmouth women along with blacks, gays, cats, beautiful people, and anyone else they happen to feel rage towards. Haters gonna hate and these guys aren’t looking to change.

These men need to learn to relax and take it a little easier. They are the perfect recipients of the phrase “take a chill pill.” In fact, for these angry young (and old men), the pill should probably be an extra large dose of Valium (or at least Xanax).

So, here are a few types of men who hate women. If you are a woman, beware. If you’re a man, try not to be like any of these (usually dateless and lonely) guys.

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  1. “Momma’s boys often hate women. And, these men who hate women are some of the most difficult to deal with. On the one hand, these males, sometimes beta, sometimes omega, feel a great attachment to their mother. On the other hand, they feel emasculated by their smother, er, mother.”

    That’w a classical one and it’s close to incest simply. They in fact hate their mothers but as society does not accept children to hate or simply even critisize their parents whatever they have done, they move, evacuate their hate to women.

    They is a lot of pressure on children or even adults to love their parents blindly no matter if they were good parents or not. Giving birth, food, shelter to a kid it’s the minimum parents must do and if they are able to do only that then they are useless.

    Also It’s strange that many countries that are very misogynistic (i.e in Southern Europe, Middle-East) are also countries where mother / son relation is the most unhealthy. (in Italy alone 50% of divorces are due to the mother in law interferences in the couple)

    • Just say NO to Mommy's Boys says:

      You are so right about this. Momma’s boys are damaged. I was with one for many years, but I finally left him. He is married to his mother and she can have him. It’s pathetic, and his sycophantic “love” for mommy was disgusting. I need a real man, not some little boy who is always sucking up to his mommy and constantly ruining our plans to “hang out” with her.

      His father didn’t care for his mother (probably because she was a fat slob that claimed she couldn’t even pump her own gas, why would she when she had two 40 year old men vieing for the opportunity to coddle her?) She pretended to be disabled but it was an act and she has never been disgnosed with any medical condition.

      It’s disgusting incestuous bullshit, if you ask me. Mothers of boys abuse them because their husbands are no longer interested in them and the boys become surrogate spouses. That’s usually the time that their wives get tired of supporting the dysfunctional bullshit and leave him and mommy to their marital bliss.

  2. Hiwayman says:

    Its very clear to me that none of you so-called experts have had any experience with the court system, and the kinds of sick acts a lot of the women you think so highly of are capable of. You both need to live a little more before you start judging men who express a natural reaction to the many kinds of abuse and indifference the courts indulge in and the women exploit to the max.

  3. Jonathan Bennett says:

    We have spoken on this blog before about how men get screwed by the court systems. It really is unjust and unfair. However, regardless of other situations, we believe men shouldn’t hate women as a whole.

  4. I personally think some women deserve the resentment nice guys feel toward them. They are so screwed in the head over the type of men they date. There is nothing more annoying than seeing or being the guy they will not date, and then hearing them bitch and cry over the so-called Alpha males, and screaming the typical men are pigs. I tell them no they are not. you jsut choose poorly and got what you deserved.

  5. its the double standard in our society that makes me despise them.

  6. I came here looking for answers as to why some men hate women. ” they are so screwed in the head.” ” it’s (whatever) that makes me despise them.” Court abuses. Crying and screaming. The conspiracy to enslave decent men!

    Learn this lesson.

    I have been beaten repeatedly, kicked, strangled, punched, and sexually assaulted. I had my child taken from me in the middle of the night and did not see her again for 7 years. My savings drained; my cards maxed. Men.

    I also went to 3 universities, built numerous homes, made good money, fell madly in love, solved problems galore, and told dirty jokes, And I learned how to fight. Men.

    Life is complex, and not without a sense of humour. Like the man says, lighten up!

    • Well done ‘thepinch’ respect to you & hope for me. I come across the problem that most of my male friends have towards women that is entrenched in their thinking & it has upset me at times, because if I try to discuss how as a female I would like to meet a ‘man who gave mutual love & respect’ & want a committed relationship long term, the replies are all negative. When I explain how my ex had more material worth from the divorce its shrugged off as the exception to the rule…as if what I say is only white noise & only information that confirms the fears & biased information concerning women is what they want to hear.

  7. Ms. Wendy – Just pretend( if you can?) that there are guys out there who want to give mutual love and respect and do want a committed ,longterm relationship—– well, they are called “nice guys” and they get trashed and friendzoned, so welcome to the party!

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