Men Who Hate Women

Throughout my life I’ve met lots of guys who, for whatever reasons or another, just didn’t like women. Maybe some of your friends or guys you know at work have a hatred for the female sex. Men who hate women feel this way for a variety of reasons. We’re going to address a few of those reasons.

Note that this article is not defending all women or saying anger against particular women, or even most women, is a bad thing. So, don’t waste your time not reading the article, then typing an angry comment that totally is the opposite of what the article says.

Should Men Hate All Women?

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I don’t believe any reasons are valid for truly hating women as a group. Because if you hate something, that something controls your emotions, and if something controls your emotions, then you aren’t in control of your life.

Notice I am not saying bad women don’t exist, or that they aren’t deserving of negative emotions. Many people know women who are bitter, angry, dramatic, and will take a grudge to an almost irrational extreme. Many people have horrible experiences with their mothers, ex-wives, colleagues, etc. Women often are passive-aggressive and manipulative, especially in divorce proceedings. Many women are attention seekers and claim to be “independent” when in reality they suck men in their lives dry of every bit of emotional and financial capital. Even women often have disdain for other women. And, hating an individual woman who has wronged you is totally understandable. There are a lot of jerk women out there (See Why Women Can Be Jerks And Losers Too). Now, that being said…

Applying the behavior of a few women to every woman you meet just shows that the negative women in your life are still controlling your brain. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that when you hold anger toward all women, women emotionally control you, which is not a sign of strength, but of weakness. While anger is a natural emotion, and necessary for healing and moving on at times, ultimately it is being controlled by your emotions.

So, while a man might have had issues with women in the past, he can’t let that dictate his dealings with women in the present. He just appears angry and weak. And, while women respect cockiness, they don’t respect men with unresolved anger issues towards their sex. Below are a few types of the men who hate women.

The Butthurt Hater

Many men hate females because they’ve been rejected so many times. They absolutely love women. But, they can’t have a woman (especially one they’ve developed a crush on), so they end up feeling resentment towards the entire sex.

Believe it or not, a lot of “nice guys” fall into this category. When their ineffective techniques fail, they feel entitled to a date. And, entitled people end up hating what they can’t get. These beta male women haters have the right impulse (loving women), but can’t get past their bitterness. It’s a “I love her so much that I hate her scenario.”

These guys need to focus more on becoming attractive rather than being angry toward women. Instead of spending time ranting about women loving jerks, or commenting on forums, they should start becoming the type of guy women love. They should start working out (Insanity is an intense workout that we love), learning charisma (check out The Charisma Myth for tips), and learning how women think. Sadly, most guys would rather complain about reality, than adapt to it.

The good news is that women are usually attracted to personality more than looks. So, a guy can change his personality and get over this hate.

Momma’s Boys

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Momma’s boys sometimes hate women. And, these men are some of the most difficult to deal with. In fact overbearing, controlling moms can mess up guys more than just about any factor.

On the one hand, these males, sometimes beta, sometimes omega, feel a great attachment to their mother. On the other hand, they feel emasculated by their smother, er, mother.

Guys who are attached at their hips to their moms often view women they hope to date and befriend in two ways: an ideal domestic servant or a hated, overbearing oppressor. In some cases, they’ll have these feelings at the same time. Talk about a problem!

God help any woman who dates this guy. No woman can win. A woman is a stereotype and label no matter what she does. Until he breaks free from his mother, she can’t expect anything but misery from him. But, that’s OK because he isn’t leaving his childhood bedroom at his mom’s house any time soon.

Guys With Anger Issues

Some guys are just angry and these dudes also hate many other people, things, and places, typically weaker ones (like the mentally disabled, hamsters, and New Jersey).  These guys will happily badmouth all women along with all blacks, gays, cats, beautiful people, and anyone else they happen to feel rage towards. Haters gonna hate and these guys aren’t looking to change.

These men need to learn to relax and take it a little easier. Life is way too long to hate everything, although if you experience anger all the time, your life will definitely become decidedly shorter.  They are the perfect recipients of the phrase “take a chill pill.” In fact, for these angry young (and old men), the pill should probably be an extra large dose of Valium (or at least Xanax).

The problem is anger feels so good. As Joe Dispenza points out in his excellent book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, we become addicted to our negative emotions, including anger, resentment, and bitterness. We get a miniature “high” every time we feel that negative emotion we have become so used to. Even though we know that being bitter and angry isn’t attractive and never works to get our way, many people still become trapped in a cycle of chronic anger.

So, there are a few types of men who hate women. If you are a woman, beware. If you’re a man, try not to be like any of these (usually dateless and lonely) guys. Women are human beings. Learn to deal with them and laugh at them like you hopefully can laugh at every other human who isn’t perfect. That will provide the necessary perspective so an entire sex isn’t controlling you.

Note: Angry comments are fine, but if you leave comments calling anyone here names, it won’t be approved.

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  1. “Momma’s boys often hate women. And, these men who hate women are some of the most difficult to deal with. On the one hand, these males, sometimes beta, sometimes omega, feel a great attachment to their mother. On the other hand, they feel emasculated by their smother, er, mother.”

    That’w a classical one and it’s close to incest simply. They in fact hate their mothers but as society does not accept children to hate or simply even critisize their parents whatever they have done, they move, evacuate their hate to women.

    They is a lot of pressure on children or even adults to love their parents blindly no matter if they were good parents or not. Giving birth, food, shelter to a kid it’s the minimum parents must do and if they are able to do only that then they are useless.

    Also It’s strange that many countries that are very misogynistic (i.e in Southern Europe, Middle-East) are also countries where mother / son relation is the most unhealthy. (in Italy alone 50% of divorces are due to the mother in law interferences in the couple)

    • Just say NO to Mommy's Boys says:

      You are so right about this. Momma’s boys are damaged. I was with one for many years, but I finally left him. He is married to his mother and she can have him. It’s pathetic, and his sycophantic “love” for mommy was disgusting. I need a real man, not some little boy who is always sucking up to his mommy and constantly ruining our plans to “hang out” with her.

      His father didn’t care for his mother (probably because she was a fat slob that claimed she couldn’t even pump her own gas, why would she when she had two 40 year old men vieing for the opportunity to coddle her?) She pretended to be disabled but it was an act and she has never been disgnosed with any medical condition.

      It’s disgusting incestuous bullshit, if you ask me. Mothers of boys abuse them because their husbands are no longer interested in them and the boys become surrogate spouses. That’s usually the time that their wives get tired of supporting the dysfunctional bullshit and leave him and mommy to their marital bliss.

    • “in Italy alone 50% of divorces are due to the mother in law interferences in the couple” “many countries that are very misogynistic (i.e in Southern Europe” bunch of bullshit, faggot

  2. Hiwayman says:

    Its very clear to me that none of you so-called experts have had any experience with the court system, and the kinds of sick acts a lot of the women you think so highly of are capable of. You both need to live a little more before you start judging men who express a natural reaction to the many kinds of abuse and indifference the courts indulge in and the women exploit to the max.

    • Who cares says:

      Sounds to me like you’re the hater. Or at least you sure sound like one. Lol


    • Steven Halsey says:

      Well said mate. Woman are just nasty pieces of shit if they don’t get thier on way. I am living in Australia and Seperated from my ex of 17 years. I finally stood up to her and said NO!!
      She entered the WA Family court system and accused me of child abuse! This oxygen thief has played on the poor weak female card and the court has jumped on board, even though there never has been any child abuse on my part. The whole West Australia Family Court is filled with Feminists.
      Tania Bowden of Ellenbrook Western Australia is a low life pile of crapp who should not be allowed to be a Mother.
      You need a license to own a dog, but any scumbag is allowed to have kids.
      Maybe once other men stand up for themselves, they will finally see what most men see.
      Be a pussy and get walked over by woman, or man up and take control of your lives.

      • I’ve met a ton of shitty men and do I think all men are shitty? No. It sucks that your ex is a piece shit but that doesn’t mean all women are. why you can’t see that is crazy.

    • To Steven Halsey,
      I couldn’t agree more! Your absolutely right! I think it’s because the court system is plaqued with pussy judges who have no balls for sorting out the bullshit. Women are manipulators and deceitful full of every kind of wickedness imaginable! If you research the behavior of women and men you will see that women have been this way since the beginning of time. Women know how to manipulate men as well as the system of men because they are themselves manipulated by the evil powers that be. Not so of men, we men do not think like women. We do not use our bodies or our mouths to abuse or deceive others the way women do. Once a women has tasted the pleasure of her corrupt mind and gets gratifying results or simply gets away with her evil deeds, she then gathers with those who are more evil than she is and then she herself becomes even worse than she was before she did her evil. God talks about the evil in a house that has been swept clean, or put away..but the house left unaware that the evil has been put away, that evil went about seeking more evil even worse than itself and it came back to that house and it was 7 times worse then when the house was swept clean. In other words, if the woman who has done evil, was sweep from the house and the house is now clean, be rid of it. If not, you might gather another evil woman 7 times worse than that you got rid of. Be careful of your own life! She is dead and gone, bury her or she will bury you.
      Just a word of wisdom. Anyone who does evil, especially divorce, except for marital unfaithfulness is an adulterist. Those people are lost and live in darkness have no light in them. Even the unjust judge who sits on his throne will be judged. Women think they have a powerful tool between their legs, and that is their tool, but that’s only because most men don’t have the sense to smell it first. If we had any sense we wouldn’t be playing so close to the sewer and breath in the fresh air once in a while and realize there is no trust in a woman, if she deceived you, how many before you has she deceived?. When the egg is rotten, its rotten from the inside out. In a woman’s case she was rotten from the beginning of creation, look what she did to Adam. Not that that is Gods fault, the woman knew the rules, she listened to the words of evil and so evil begets evil period. To this day we men suffer under this evil. Let no man deceive you, meaning let no woman or man deceive you. Gods word is truth! and that’s all we men will ever have. Let the rest go, if they lie, cheat, decieve, manipulate, and destroy they are not with you, and belong to evil and are against you. Separate yourself from them and be separate, having nothing to do with them. God is faithful and He will bring judgement against those who have done evil and justice for those who were mistreated.

      • Steven Halsey says:

        Well written Gary. I am by no means religious but clearly the all mighty knows his mistake in woman. Low life pieces of shit they are. Thanks Gary

        • Your welcome..
          Just a bit of advice, I am not religious either, but I believe in God. I also believe that God makes no mistakes. The bitch will pay for her deciet, but not all women are bitches. In fact they are in many ways suffering this life. Look at how many of them have to live on welfare, no stability, bogged down, unwed no father’s for their children. How many of them get beaten and are left alone because of thier miserable selfish attrochous behaviors, mostly because of their treacherous behavoir. What about all the mental instabilities like bypolar, anxiety, and depression, alcohol and drug abuse drug addiction, prescription or other wise?. Women in general suffer, and I beieve that these suffering are a direct result from the curse that was put on her (women) from the beginning, when she got herself and her husband Adam kicked out of God’s perfect world call the garden and put in the world full of deception. Let’s face it, this world is not a perfect place. People are not perfect and we will never be. More importantly, we live in a place where I believe we have to figure out that it is not our dependency on the opposite sex to fill all of our needs but that God made us purposely to rely on Him for all our needs to provide for all of our needs and that we should rest in His provisions for our life’s assurance’s and not on the woman, she was suppose to be our helper not our enemy. We were not suppose to put her before God. God is first, then the woman..We trusted her and denied God’s command not to touch what was forbidden and the result is the here and now. No fullness of pure unconditional love honor and joy. We will have long suffering because of our sin nature, we have to accept our punishment both of what the woman has done and our own. We cannot fully enjoy her the way it was intended before she screwed up, she is not complete, and neither are we. The trick is to enjoy as much of lifeas we can, because this world is full of sorrows, dont waste your life on hating her move on if she is a rotten woman. She is the weaker vessel, be not unequally yoked to anyone who does not know we were created and we are not the creator. She was not made to control you. We are not to be controlling, manipulitive or deceptive, murderous or unruly toward each orher. The reality is we are all human beings and we are sinful, we should never disrespect each other, none of us are sucks! We can’t all grasp this reality. We need to be wise not angry. Anger brings bitterness, strife and the obvious…Sin. We all are guilty of that. We rebeled against God. Forgive the rotten acts of them who have hurt you, those who are against you and move on with your life. Eventually, you won’t see them anymore, even though you look for them they will be gone. Learn lessons from the past relationships with women that did you harm and recognize them who are not good but are evil, and do not have anything to do with them. Work on and bettering your prespective of self control and your willingness to keep the right perspective’s in priority. 1st, No one is above God. He is first. 2nd. If your married is your wife, then your children. God gave us rules to live by, they are the beattiudes. Without order there can be no fullness of life here. Women are evil because they were first deceived by evil. So in reality what can we honestly expect will come from trusting them? No one says you have to be religous, religon i’s man made bullshit by those who don’t know God. God is not religion He is Spirit, and our creator. Believe He has a purpose in all of this and someday we will know everything. But for now until everything is forfilled we have to indure this life. But He tells us to be wise and do good because we all will have to give an account of all we have done. A wise man seeks knowledge not the knowledge of the world or anything it offers, but the wisdom and knowledge of God seek. It will be nourishment for your bones. I wish you well in your journey of life. Be wise, and do not put your trust in mankind but abide in peace even unto death. If you have understanding you will know this meaning. If you don’t understand do all you can to find it and your life will be better for it. Keep hate far from you and stay away from pretatory women because surely they will ruin your life, and life is to short to live it without happiness
          God Bless!

      • Mary Quite Contrary says:

        Gary says “Not so of men, we men do not think like women. We do not use our bodies or our mouths to abuse or deceive others the way women do.”

        Bah ha ha ha
        Is this for real? (I need a puzzled emoji here)

  3. Jonathan Bennett says:

    We have spoken on this blog before about how men get screwed by the court systems. It really is unjust and unfair. However, regardless of other situations, we believe men shouldn’t hate women as a whole.

  4. I personally think some women deserve the resentment nice guys feel toward them. They are so screwed in the head over the type of men they date. There is nothing more annoying than seeing or being the guy they will not date, and then hearing them bitch and cry over the so-called Alpha males, and screaming the typical men are pigs. I tell them no they are not. you jsut choose poorly and got what you deserved.

  5. its the double standard in our society that makes me despise them.

  6. I came here looking for answers as to why some men hate women. ” they are so screwed in the head.” ” it’s (whatever) that makes me despise them.” Court abuses. Crying and screaming. The conspiracy to enslave decent men!

    Learn this lesson.

    I have been beaten repeatedly, kicked, strangled, punched, and sexually assaulted. I had my child taken from me in the middle of the night and did not see her again for 7 years. My savings drained; my cards maxed. Men.

    I also went to 3 universities, built numerous homes, made good money, fell madly in love, solved problems galore, and told dirty jokes, And I learned how to fight. Men.

    Life is complex, and not without a sense of humour. Like the man says, lighten up!

    • Well done ‘thepinch’ respect to you & hope for me. I come across the problem that most of my male friends have towards women that is entrenched in their thinking & it has upset me at times, because if I try to discuss how as a female I would like to meet a ‘man who gave mutual love & respect’ & want a committed relationship long term, the replies are all negative. When I explain how my ex had more material worth from the divorce its shrugged off as the exception to the rule…as if what I say is only white noise & only information that confirms the fears & biased information concerning women is what they want to hear.

  7. Ms. Wendy – Just pretend( if you can?) that there are guys out there who want to give mutual love and respect and do want a committed ,longterm relationship—– well, they are called “nice guys” and they get trashed and friendzoned, so welcome to the party!

  8. fuzzbuster111 says:

    I’m a guy. A pretty normal guy who really likes women, gets along with most of them and enjoys the company of women. So, this is from the perspective of a guy who has known several woman-haters.

    There really are men who “hate” or perhaps can’t relate to women. In fact, I really have a hard time relating to guys who hate women. I can tolerate them for a short period of time, and Yes, I’ve known two or three in my lifetime. Even as a guy, these people are really hard to hang around. I can’t tell you why they hate women, but I can tell you about some common traits they all seem to share: 1. They are very demanding; 2. They are argumentative and quick to anger; 3. They are hardly ever happy and tend to be pretty negative; 4. They think the world is out to screw them and are quick to pounce on anyone who doesn’t share their “view”; 5. They try too hard – everything seems to be urgent, impossible, a problem, even when they pretend to be happy it’s like “ISN’T THIS GREAT….ISN’T THIS GREAT…HA HA HA HA” (forced laughter) “why aren’t you laughing!!: and 6. they are very self-centered and self absorbed; 7. Oh, and some are obsessive.

    For the woman hater, every woman has something wrong with her. One woman-hater I know attracts some really cute girls, but when they get to know him, and I ask what about so-and-so, he spits out some big flaw with her (too old, boobs too small, too flighty, too fake) and says he lost interest. Yeah, I know what really happened – the girl figured out that the woman hater is WEIRD and lost interest.

  9. Then of course there are the worst kind of all men: the kind who are so brainwashed by the feminist educational indoctrination they can’t dare be offensive to any woman. So they write articles that serve as echo chambers for man haters and middle aged divorcees. You, matey, OP, are the perfect illustration of pussy whipped.

    Hear this though: modern women of the calibre responding to your article are not your friends. Women who cry and bitch and complain in a society that affords them almost complete control sexually and reproductively over men, are women who will bleed you dry. They’re the type of women who know what it feels like to be hated by men, because they’re damn easy for men to hate. They are not “strong”, nor “independent”, nor worthy of a man of higher standing than the cretins whom they seem so perfectly adapted to attract for themselves. Strong is not degrading a person simply because he refuses to mold himself into what you desire him to be. Strong is not being unsupportive, relentlessly pressurising and looking down your nose when a human you profess to care for has problems of some kind or other. To have even the slightest idea in your head that a man should change who they are to suit some arbitrary idealism of yours is extremely arrogant and extremely destructive. There’s nothing smart or empowering in it.

    Strong is growig up as an orphan, having a kid to a psychotic, then finding a job, moving out, looking after your son for twenty years without asking for a penny from him, shielding him fromthe past, and coming out the other end with still enough love in you to give another (good) man a chance at making you happy. Strongs is having a bit of compassioj and humility, enough to contact that kid’s father after 20 years wherein not even a penny or an apology were given from him, with still enough forgiveness in you to bring him and his son together with one another. So if I love my mother and despise many modern women it’s because she’s strong in ways that entitled princesses who’ve simply can’t be.

    The problem men like myself face is we don’t buy the bullshit. We’re not easily fooled by glitter and lip gloss. Arrogance in women passes for hardiness nowadays, the same way entitlement passes for cutesyness, but eventually men grow up and realise it shouldn’t. Arrogance and entitlement aren’t the qualities of strong women. They are the demeanour of spoilt, silly little girls. So if I have no respect for most women it’s because most women I meet have taken no time to cultivate a character worthy of my respect. All I see in many women are people who expect, and people who take, yet who consider themselves to have no responsibility to give, nor to be expected of in return.

    • Anger=emotional attachment. If someone is angry at all women, that man is ultimately still being controlled by women. Choosing detachment means they don’t control you anymore. Read the article again (or for the first time), because it doesn’t excuse bad behavior from women.

      • So David with all your wisdom enlighten me. Most brown and black people have anger towards a large part of the white population. This is because of racism, systemic discrimination, and many of their needs being put to the bottom. So do you fault them for feeling a certain way about this do they simply have “issues” within them. They are simply emotionally attached right?

        Most women are greedy, and weaponize children and romantic relationships to gain resources from men for themselves.

      • Steven Halsey says:

        Unfortunately Gary, if you have kids with a piece of shit for a woman, then you will always be controlled by a Biatch and the courts. Appreciate your views though

    • Amazing says:

      Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Tears in my eyes


  10. A real average woman says:

    I’m a woman who is a “nice girl”. I got so tired of men not approaching me that I started approaching men, and have been rejected by every single one. But the thing is, never have I resented or hated men as a group for this. In fact, I think men, in general, are great. I have my standards….there are people I’m attracted to and people I am not, and that is not something I control. I respect that men have their standards too, and, for whatever reason, most of them just don’t seem to find me attractive. That’s fine. I wouldn’t want to date someone who isn’t actually into me any more than I would want to date someone I wasn’t actually into.

    I do, though, get annoyed at those resentful “nice guys” who fish out of their league, get rejected, and then make sweeping, negative generalizations about women. No, I’m not a gold digger, or a whore, or a slut, or someone who wants a guy to treat me badly, and I’m not the one who rejected you. I’m the one you ignored (and in hindsight, I’m glad you did). So don’t fling your sh!t my way when Ms. Super Model rejects you.

    And on that note, I would like to point something out. These guys don’t “love women” in any way that another human being should be loved. A woman might be many things in their mind…some worship worthy supernatural being, a certificate of their worth as a man, a prize they feel entitled to because they are “nice”…in fact nicer than any other guy on the planet. But in their mind, the one thing a woman is not, is another person like them, and this is a big factor in their relationship difficulties.

    • A real average woman: I have had this attitude that a woman is a woman, only to be rejected when I did try. Personally, I do not see the fuss about “supermodels”. I don’t care if you are black, white, native, asian, latino, fat, skinny, tall, short, etc., if I am attracted to you, that is all that matters.

  11. A real average woman says:


    You can go on pinning your negative assumptions on women you’ve never met to construct an effigy of that which makes you feel validated in your views, but that seems like a pretty negative world to live in. Sometimes people like to wallow in their negativity though.

    Yeah, there’s sh!tty women out there. There’s also sh!tty men. And there are people who think negative things about you because you are a man, just like you think negative things about me because I am a woman.

    Those types of sentiments are easy to come by when you have been hurt and become discouraged, but they are deceptive cancers that will eat you up and keep you from all that is good in life.

    Life really is like a box of chocolates. Especially when it comes to other people. You never really do know what you are going to get. You don’t really know what a person is like until you take the time to get to know them. These days I don’t form assumptions or expectations of people. I let them show me who they are.

    Maybe you make these negative assumptions to keep yourself away from people in the chance they are the kind that are toxic to you, because you can’t take being hurt again. I understand that. That’s a natural human response actually. Because we are inherently social creatures, we perceive social rejection in a fashion similar to physical pain, and we react to it much as we would to something that has physically harmed us. We try to stay away from it.

    I hope you someday recover, and let yourself meet great people, and have a happy life, rich with family, and friends from all walks of it.

    • I have never dated a woman, but over the years, some things have made me wonder about females. I have seen people that were in my social circle deliberately make up excuses for rejecting a guy, but then they end up with a jerk who slips off a condom while he is sleeping with them, or who would cheat behind their back, but he is good looking.

      I started college, and not having enough experience with women, I was naive. There was this female in a health field that led me on, and I fell hard for her. Besides my schoolwork, she was all I thought about. Eventually to her, the game got less entertaining, and she got cold to me. I tried everything to win her over, but she angrily confronted me when I saw her in my neighbourhood. I had anxiety and a personality disorder at the time. It just made things worst. Finally, I had a nervous breakdown, and I was diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia.

      At this point, I do not feel the same way about women the way I used to. The people that say that I am not entitled to the way I feel should feel the sadness and terror that I experienced. I see a lot of people that are social justice warriors when it comes to situations like this, but when it comes to reality, I don’t hear or see them.

  12. OhSoTrue says:

    Well the ones that are Gay and Bi that is for sure.

  13. Second I read ‘beta male’ I stopped. Wtf is this shit written by a fifth grader?

  14. Yeah, there are men who hate women. I’m one of them, hated them all my life, sad to say. But it’s too late to change now.

  15. It's Easier When We're Dead says:

    Haha, I am all three of those types you mentioned in this article! I love how observation and logic can classify people so easily.

    I hate women, but I don’t believe my hatred is logical; it’s visceral. I want ’em, but they don’t want me. Makes me mad… But, well, I maintain my humor anyway. 😉

  16. it takes us a long time to realise what they are

    • Amen Dave! When you date a bad boy and he treats you bad, don’t complain. You got what you had coming. I don’t hate women but I sure in the hell don’t trust them. Live with your choices and STFU about those choices.

  17. Soft-white-8-balled says:

    Teaching women to categorize men so that they can sound smart in an argument. Jonathan they dont need your help to pull some psych bullshit out of their ass during a legit argument as to why women suck. You officially have a mangina. Im allowed to hate all women however much I want with no reason at all. Mostly because they are just as self seeking as men are. Women and “experts” talk all day about how weak men are when they hold this anger. You even said in your article that a beta is reluctant to adapt and should learn how to be the type of man women want to date… What the shit bro. How is that any different from men wanting bigger boobs or a tighter ass? Prettier face? A more submissive woman? The point is women are allowed to say that men objectify women, but its so fucking obvious that women are busy with their pencils making a list of what the perfect man is, and then they date the exact opposite of that and act like its mens fault. All men, not just him. That alone is a reason to hate all of them. No matter who you date, the girl more than likely has been able to be several different women in several different relationships. Saying that each guy is the “one” or whatever they say nowadays. My hatred for women isnt thier human self, or their soul, I hate their mask, their lies, I hate how easy it is for them to use you and then let other guys use them right in front of you “cuckhold”. If my mommy issues and my small penis were why I hated them, then their stupidity and physical weakness were why they hated me, and why all of them can just stay away from me. We humans can rationalize our existence all we want, but biologically we are just here to procreate. There is no grand meaning. If I dont have children what use do I have for them? What use do they have for me? I hate them because their focus isnt on making meaningful moments right now, its about some fairytale moment in the future that will probably never happen, and that is how they judge you when they see you, instantaneously knowing whether they would sleep with you or have your babies or say yes if you asked them to marry. Whatever problems you think I have pale in comparison to the psychological shitsoup that women in this country have in their head.


  19. Mr. Ogynist says:

    I hate women in all honesty. It’s something I have been dealing with. They think I’m the sweetest, most charismatic, most extroverted, and I’m always filled with laughter and smiles…
    I’m really none of that. I’m introverted, almost afraid of social interaction in general, and my actions prove sweet but my feelings- not at all. I just know too few good women. If I found myself in a situation, a more positive environment, surrounding myself with positive women then that’d be a start. But the women I work with day to day are horrible people, the relationships I see around me the women are very emotionally abusive to their partners or cheat on them. I know several husbands, great friends of mine, who tell me they haven’t had sex in months. You can see the miserableness in their eyes. I will stay single until 1 woman can show me they have something to offer me that the other 4 billion women in the world can’t. Hmm, I sure do sleep around and I’m never able to keep a long term relationship. But can you blame me? I have never found someone worth it. I wish things were different. I’m moving to South America in a few years, saved up $50,000 usd. People down there seem more positive, happy, closer to one another, and just happy to be alive. People in the US, or maybe it’s just California, are just fake, crappy, and materialistic. I hate that I’m a hateful person.

  20. Mr. Ogynist – You are NOT a hateful person! You have tried to express how so many of us feel, since you can run into a lot of headaches if people believe that you feel this way. You have gone a lot farther with women than many of us, so we cannot say we HATE women if we do not even know any,nor ever really have a conversation with one.
    You can live a fairly full life, enjoying reasonable happiness and prosperity,but KNOWING that there is just no place in your life for women. You are around more women than a whole lot of single guys, so I do not see that you could HATE women and maintain
    the kind of social interaction that you do have.

  21. Travis Chandler says:

    Bullshit, women are evil, they only get married and have kids for child support and steal our money from us, they dont give 2 shits about us men.

    • Steven Halsey says:

      Lol that’s soooo true. Travis. I hate the fact we have duck shooting season.
      A duck has never purposely gone out and hurt anyone.
      Let’s change duck shooting season and replace it with “kill nasty pieces of shit woman” season.
      No woman has ever done anything to to make the world better.
      Every time they have gotten into political power of a country, they end up screwing that country up!
      Men act and think rationally and woman emotionally.
      Does not work in the real world.

  22. There sure are a lot of angry men responding here but I have to wonder if it’s women they are really angry at or is the anger more directed at other men ? Jealousy of other men’s success with women who “choose them” and anger at the women for daring to have a choice in the first place ? Is the problem the belief they are entitled to a woman/man of their choice ? The truth is, in an age where women now have actual “choice” about their lives, the same that men have always enjoyed, has apparently upset some men who would prefer that only men have any choice of preference in a partner. Women now choose the sort of men they are attracted to, genuinely want in their lives and give them genuine pleasure. yes guys, women thrive on true pleasure themselves, not just yours. This may be a sweet blessing to the sort of men than women find attractive, but for the men that women mostly reject, I believe this is at the core of their deep seeded anger. Entitlement. Men who don’t attract women very easily have appointed themselves a title “nice guy” and equally laughable that the men women are attracted to must be “bad boys” who treat women “badly”… After all, women are too stupid to pick a decent partner right ?? So the guy must be bad, haha. This is not true, these men are simply “attractive men” who for what ever reason – physical attractiveness, quick witted, engaging, intelligent, entertaining, basically just attractive people who are enjoyable to be around. It is insulting to men to classify them as “bad” simply because women dare to “choose them” over you, the “nice guy” (and I use the term very loosely indeed). If you believe yourself to be a “nice guy”, go re-read a post written by a self professed nice guy and note all the wining, complaining, anger and bitterness and tell me what is so “nice” about them and why women would find them attractive ? Even if you think you are hiding your true self in front of women, we are highly perceptive to BS and will see right through your entitlement game. The issue is the same for both men and women these days and about time both sides got a handle on the reality of it. We only want the man/woman whom we are genuinely attracted to and both sides have to cop it on the chin when rejected by those we believe are “in our league” but we might be deluding ourselves 🙂 Learning to deal with rejection gracefully is the secret and accepting we are not entitled to anything in life is the truth, especially finding a mate and living happily ever after. Keep your expectation very low and you might be pleasantly surprised…

  23. I wouldn’t say I hate women or detest them, it’s just nowadays, you have to be all things to all women, meaning being that Alpha Male, whatever that means. When the leading article mentions beta and Omega males, it made me cringe. I was born with a physical disability and have autism, but I hate it when you see blogs, newspapers and all the thousands magazines peddling their narcissistic viewpoints of how men should be (Alpha Males) you know the photos of the Chippendale type men plastered all over girly and women mags, and now countless adverts with scantily dressed muscled clad young men, being servile to women. Yet women complain that we men objectify women, when they do the same! Also I am not of one those mother’s boys, I’m not really that close to my mother, even though I live a couple of blocks away from her, I hardly make contact, maybe once a week, a phone call, a visit once every two weeks, so don’t pin the mothers boy shit on such as me. It is a love/hate relationship with my mother. If I said I deeply distrust women and find most of them unhinged, that is my belief from my life experiences. women don’t really dig men with physical faults, probably because they believe it will foul their Genepool or whatever, but The fact the most of them look at me, whether I’m in a supermarket or in the street minding my own business as someone who is repulsive, and often they treat my as an inferior. I.e. women shop assistants on checkouts, all lovey dovey and gooey with the Alpha Male in front with cool looking suit and biceps, but when it’s my turn, they look at you in a contemptible manner, avoid eye contact, with no smile etc.. I don’t want sympathy, I just want to be recognised as a human being, but with this attitude I get from women, and how they worship alpha male, it makes me deeply cynical and angry about women in general. Words like shallow, cold, superficial and scheming come to mind.

  24. as soon as you started talking about alpha, beta omega etc. I knew this was garbage. We may come off as if we hate women because we support our people.

  25. Whoever wrote all this bullshit is an idiot… females ARE just simply JERKS. THAT is why a man hates females. Not all this feminist bullshit in this whatever it is. Females are assholes and treat REAL GREAT GOOD MEN LIKE SHIT

  26. Roger Dantes says:

    If only adapting to reality were as simple and as easy as this article makes it seem for men.

    One thing I hate about women is their height and money preference, regardless of how liberal and “anti capitalist” she claims to be. Unlike our weight and body shape requirements these things are pretty much static and permanent. I don’t understand how come every woman, or MOST women can’t just get a gym membership and follow through, but men have to be these things that are significantly harder.

    I think most of you are overestimating the effect of charisma, personality, and confidence. Whenever I hear this whole “confidence” BULLSHIT, its another way of telling the guy to “man up”. Keep preaching “be confident” and “The Secret” and bullshit like that as opposed to addressing women’s unreasonableness and I guarantee you that this is a surefire way to keep men angry at women. Its actually VERY oppressive. Its not even that bad in the grand scheme of actual issues that humanity faces, rendering it at the bottom of the list, rightfully so, but at the same time, making it a non- addressable issue. WOMEN HAVE an issue. They need to change. I’m sorry. Stop delegating ALL the blame on men. We are not superman. We are human.

    Although I’m not one of those psychos out there who do bitter things to women, I’m not particularly concerned about the fact that many men out there commit CERTAIN misogynists acts (the vast majority of misogynist acts have absolutely zero “reasoning” behind them and these, I have problems with and am outspokenly agaisnt). But in certain instances, misogyny is downright understandable men overreacting and calling women bitches for rejecting them…. I actually WANT this to keep happening (without women getting hurt of course). Eventually, this WILL get recognition. I’m not one of those guys because I know that that is not how to connect with a human being, but at the same time, I can understand their anger and its like they are speaking the anger that I will never speak. If I found myself at age 40 with zero opportunities to improve my income level, and I could not even find a mating partner because women preferred someone who had those things which I NEVER had the chance to get, I would be PRETTY angry at women. YES FOLKS. WOMEN SUCK AS MUCH AS MEN.

  27. I adored girls growing up, loved my girlfriends particularly those lady like and always had a great respect for women. Have shared great times with wonderful lovers and friends through out my adult life.
    Over the last few years however. Many women have become rude, demanding, materialistic with no interest in playful suspenseful romance. Most of what I hear is how tall, how rich and how big a dick a guy has. And the the bigger the asshole the better too. The disappointments, disrespect, lies, cheating, stealing and just plain old no more fun from women is why I’ve changed and find most women now to be vile and disgusting. Just like in the bible. Ha! Sure hope I can morph back into my old view, time will tell. And Tattoos aren’t helping either ………. YUCK….. like being naked with a grimme biker just GROSS.
    Tattooed skin tastes nasty too, what the hell is wrong with the lot of you?

  28. #repealthe19th says:

    Why do men HATE WOMEN?

    At the age of five a female begins the downward spiral into a low self-esteem victim mindset and rather than intellectual pursuits, seeks out an entirely socially pursuit for attention and gratification from all. They seek to be better than other women and will prove it with material and men; either of which will be chucked for the next and best. A completely useless drain to any strong man. That man needn’t give a woman love, but a leash and an occasional strike to the jaw.

  29. Better_deal says:

    I am a 57 year old man with some life experience. I’ve had lots of girlfriends so I know women pretty well. My last LTR was with a woman 17 years younger than me. My first ex-wife hated the new one who was much younger and hotter. After ten years together the new one started saying “You’re not a billionaire” meaning that I was not rich enough to justify her being with (older) me. I was sad but I bounced back. I’m a confident guy, and now I have an even hotter, beautiful, slim, 20 year old girlfriend, who is studying medicine. Trust me, its obvious – a younger woman is better. Men get better with age, but women sadly do not get better. Since most women have no talent, only looks, they are left with nothing as they age. I think that all men can follow my path: just go get yourself a better deal.

    I’ve been through divorce and child support: marriage will enslave you to a hateful woman. Please dudes, NEVER get married. Get a better deal. Most women no longer deserve respect, they deserve contempt as many are worthless parasites. Women who do virtually nothing around the house and puts kids in long day care get to harvest all the hard work of men when divorce comes, as it surely does. Child support is a new way to enslave men. Yes, I hate women, because I understand their basic nature to prey on men. Harsh? but hey, I’ve got the experience to prove that I am right. Wives need to realise that there are plenty of cute young girls who will snap up the husband that you now hate. Men need to realise that their wives were always a bad deal getting worse as they get older. Don’t compromise, just go out and get a better deal.

    • Women have no talent?, your 57 and not getting any younger!!! I’m sure a younger more talented women could easily do better then you in the workplace!, you also sound really creepy and evil. Young women use older men for their money, and then they will leave you when you are old and sick. Serves you right for being such a creepy rock spider predator

  30. What about men who hate women due to trust issues from violent mothers who viciously beat them? Has the author ever looked into the statistics of mothers hitting their children? Are we just butthurt dateless losers?

  31. Men who hate women have the right to treat women real bad as they do at least if it is because lack of respect issues and rejection.

  32. Some men are mad at women because women abused them as a child as well.

  33. Men hate other overly judgemental men too.

  34. I take my first comment back.

  35. Wow, the comments show me one thins only, Im so glad I dont do dating. Men are terrifying!

  36. LuvHateLuv says:

    I have to assume you’re a raving homosexual. I’ll leave it that, though I never hated Liza Minnelli, anyone hate is directed at, pretty well earns it. Hate is in fact, a basic human right. To stand in opposition to that statement, is totalitarian…which might betray your choice of candidate…which would spell out the agenda behind this column…which, would figure.

    It’s a hatefilled world of zero sum, Chuckles. And you’re right about one thing: It Feels SENSATIONAL.

  37. Butthurt Beta says:

    1. Beta, yeah that’s fine. I don’t see myself as a Neanderthal alpha 2. Yeah I’ve been rejected a lot by women who decided I wasn’t worthy of love 3. I have no intention or want of making myself more “attractive” like she suggests. I do feel entitled, and especially towards the women who couldn’t appreciate a “good guy” like the Arthur says I am. 4. She said in a nice guy that’s basically been buttfucked by women so her answer is to just move on and do it all over agin. Focus on being attractive so the next bitch can buttfuck me. I think I realize what my problem is now that I don’t care about being attractive or even trying again for women who are abusive.. And who would want to recycle the process all over again??. That’s your advice? This bitches perspective totally mad me realize why her opinion didn’t matter at all. She’s exactly the woman I don’t want. No offense, I appreciate your il perspective written out so plain text. But it really shed more light on yourself than it did for myself. I know this is meant as a hate peice towards the men you tell about but, what a waste of time…

    • Best comment on here. I get tired of women and their brainwashed suitors thinking that guys like us should just keep being abused by women.
      I am in the same boat you are in. I do not hate women, but I will never put myself out there to be abused by them.

  38. Under a system of traditional marriage where a man has a woman entirely to himself, do you think he would hate his wife if he was mothered too much, is too ‘beta’, or has anger issues? No, history shows that the man would respect her immensely and would die for her. You could pigeonhole anybody into these kind of broad categories so it explains nothing to me. Men judge women based on their virtue. I haven’t (yet) met any woman I could consider virtuous, and the explanation always is that ‘alphas’ got there first, then tossed her into the garbage. You need to just ‘alpha’ up and be more like them. But what is the difference between an ‘alpha’ and a sociopath? Nobody wants to marry or deal with their leftover trash. Fact is a lot of men are conservative and we are crapped on and shamed if we talk about it. To me it often feels like the Twilight Zone because most men pretend to be happy with this current arrangement, deluding themselves that it’s great women are sleeping around because they are so much more ‘alpha’, but really I think it’s them who are the cucks, to throw themselves at these types of women.

    The fact that so many ‘alphas’ use this trick of scaring women into thinking a man without as much experience is going to have all this inner hatred and resentment towards them shows it is effective. It probably scares the crap out of women, right into the arms of the player who is going to use them and move on to the next target.

    • When i was young,making love was just for fun and i never needed anyone, now i am old and don’t have anyone and no one wants me. I hate women now because i can’t get laid anymore for free,the only woman that would give up that pussy now is a hooker, I hate men also, actually i am a people hater in general, men and women suck, Its a cruel world out there,women are users and men are takers.I’ll stick with “Rosy Palm”

  39. The Truth Was Said says:

    It is Not like many of us men hate women nowadays which unfortunately many of these women now have Absolutely no respect for us men at all and will Curse at us when we will try to start a Conversation with a woman that will Attract us which Never goes that well for many of us at all. The way that i look at it which many of these women have Severe Mental Issues since there are many women that are Complete Psychopaths And Sociopaths now which is very Scary for us Good innocent men trying to meet one that is Good today. It is just too very bad that the real Good old fashioned women of years ago are all gone today since they really did Exist at one time years ago which made it very Easy for our Family Members that have found Real Love with one another back then. Today unfortunately quite a Change in the women from years ago which certainly Explains why many of us men are still Single today when we really Shouldn’t Be At All.

  40. Is this written by Rosie the fatass O’Donnell?

  41. My bad. Even Rosie O’Donnell has more intellectual capacity this this space filling monkey with a keyboard. Basically if you don’t like women you are an angry bigot vegan homophobic lesbian with two dicks and are not a popular man. No loss.

  42. Mike Hasler says:

    Although at times I want to blame all women and cast all the responsibilty on them for being selfish trashy cunts, I believe at least a portion of the fault is at the hands of today’s social norms and with men themselves for allowing it to get to this point.

    I’m giving everyone a heads up right now, I’m gonna use nasty words, and I won’t beat around the bush.

    So with that said, it’s my belief most women are stupid, selfish, vain, petty, cock slobbing whores. I can’t speak for other places around the world, but North American women are the MOST spoiled and pampered humans on the planet. Right now, or through any time in history. They have a free pass, and a free ride. Just look at demographics of homeless people. Almost 90% men, it’s in the high 80’s, as a national average. And rest assured the little % of women who are part of the demographic are there by their own choice, usually because they are the lowest kind and bummiest kind of mentally ill drug addict, even more so than the male ones. Why do I say this? Well, because it is extremely hard for women to fall on REALLY hard times in America/Canada. Almost impossible, unless they choose to, like I mentioned already. See, if a woman goes about life in a normal way, if she focuses on school, stays reletively responsible she will be rewarded in society by getting an education and later a decent job. If she chooses this path, I condone it and congratulate her. Even though her path will be easier than a man’s, due to feminism, feminist professors, etc. Teacher will always help them more, bend more for them, be more flexible and forgiving for attendance, or anything really. Especially if she has a kid as an excuse.

    But here is the irony of it all and where it gets REALLY interesting. Even if she was a cockslob whore who skipped to go party and slob on nigger or some type of other alpha cock, doing drugs, ans being a ratchet cum dumpster without an oz of the end she will get a free life anyway! A reward for being a cock slobbing cum dumpster whore. I see this all the time. She will party all of high school, go to jungle nigger parties, clubs, do drugs, push good guys asixe because she thinks she’s too good, choose faggot douche bag losers instead, get black out drunk, get tats to be cool and look sexy for the hot boys, lie, be loud, be a obnoxious demanding skank…get pregnant and shit out a bastard child. Then, after close to a decade of being all the shit I mentioned above, the father who was the same thing will be punished and have to go to a factory or some other labour job and work the rest of his life just to get by, and give that whore free money. The whore will receive the money, plus welfare for a single mother and she’ll be able to live in a 2 bedroom apartment, own a used car, have food and clothes, as she goes back to school and get unlimited chances to succeed. In school (despite the fact she is half retarded and would not graduate hs in other countries) she will slither along and get at least college due to the support of fellow libtard professors, feminist professors, and her fellow cock slob female students. Then she will get a job she’s not really qualified for, and get paid for bringing no value to the company, and for being a chatterbox cunt who fantasizes about, or actually fucks every cock at her work. While she’s married at home to a simp mangina she bullies and bosses around. She will live good, when in other countries she would have been a cock slobbing prostitute or a street sweeping nothing, or a addict dead in a ditch. But with unlimited support and handouts and laws fixed in their favour, here, they can’t fail.

    Fucking cunts

    • must’ve really gotten fkd over hard..all I can say is…remember where you’ve been so you won’t repeat yourself with another one of those women. Get yourself some healing and move on! I hope you move as far away from her as you can. I’m sure most men can feel your pain. We all at one time or another have felt it or Im sure will feel it sooner or later, most women are bad to the rotten core make no mistake about it..your not alone Mike. Find your peace, so you can live the life that was ment for you. You don’t need to depend soley on a woman to be happy.

    • Steven Halsey says:

      Well said Mike and so true. By the way….. Love your fine description of them.

  43. I use women as a holster for my penis. I don’t hate or love women any more than I hate or love a pair of socks or toilet paper.

  44. Well since so many women sleep around with all different guys all the time which certainly speaks for itself since they just have a real problem committing to just only one unfortunately.

  45. Well the ones that are Gay And Bi are total Losers altogether.

  46. i hate most women, there are a few good ones for sure, i have a good women for a wife, but she is a cold bitch at the same time. most women are high maintenance, they decide if they like a man based on his career path, money and looks etc…they are really just slimy pieces of shit. they use and manipulate men as much as they can and then once the man can’t give them all they need they leave or cheat. if we didn’t have good jobs and money they would not be interested in us. i don’t have any psychological or mental illness this is just life on earth. i am attracted to women sexually but thats about it, i’ve always had a gf since i was in 5th grade, all the way through high school and have been married for more that 27 years. i have probably had 10-12 women during my life. but deep down i know how women really are…i have no respect for women, especially the modern loudmouth liberated ones. i really hate women overall.

  47. I always hated women all my life. It got worse and worse even before my teens till It came to a point of no return by the time I was 15, because of many rejections (actually, 100%). My only revenge: I never EVER gave them what they wanted: Talk, talk, talk and more talk…. I never EVER had a female friend, and only talked about work and business in general. I never EVER had a problem dealing with women in these situations, if she is the president or the cleaning lady I treat her with the same respect, nobody knows that I hated them all my life. I just never wanted anything to do with them out of business or work, period. They did not give me kisses/sex when I needed them the most, right? So I don`t answer anything personal that they ask me. I listen to classical music, run marathons, I don`t smoke, drink or use drugs, and I`m more or less good looking, but I get bored hike hell when they talk to me. I had a few dates till I reached 19, but I hated losing all that time. I don`t like to hear girls talk anymore. When they talk to me now, if it`s not work/business-related, I don`t even look in their faces. In the last 11 years I never dated anyone, and I don`t use hookers because I`m afraid of STDs (a lot) and the law (a little). I never had male friends also. I think they are all stupid. But professionally I`m more than ok. I was chosen to be a leader by my co-workers, people expect me to make quick decisions and I always deliver, I`m admired a lot in my work (I`m 30 now), no one envies me, no one hates me, but I never EVER accept any invitation to hang out with my working crowd, I don`t have a clue about what they think about me out of work and I don`t care. If they think I`m crazy, so be it. As long as they pretend to respect me. I love the fact that I don`t have to see the face of any women that rejected me anymore, and there are more than 50 of them. I feel perfectly well the way things are going in my job, but I hate my life out of my work. But I have plenty of compensation, the biggest one being “total silence” when I`m at home. No pets, not even a turtle. My phone hardly ever rings. If it`s work related, I`ll do anything to help anybody, even someone else`s work (for a man or woman). But if it`s personal, I have “my ways®” to make sure that the caller won`t be offended but won`t ever call me again (man or woman). Horrible, right? The worse part: I think I`ll reach 100 years old because I have perfect health and I don`t have the nerve to kill myself. I wish I had. I have access to plenty of high places that are perfect to a jump but I just look down and I know that I can`t make the “final move”. Last time I tried was more than 5 years ago, right before I got his job – totally unexpected. I thought that I would never get a good job because nowadays someone that does not have a Facebook account is very suspicious. But I`m a valuable nerd and I never stop studying. At least a small but very important positive message (never stop studying! It makes you more intelligent and happier!), at the end of this… …rant? …history of my life in a nutshell? Whatever…. My final decision: I don`t want to start knowing now what I missed in the first 30 years of my life. So, I prefer not to try to get my mind “fixed” so I could start having relationships. Probably it reeeeeeeeeeally can`t be fixed anymore. So, it could even be another very bad experience for all parts involved. Enough is enough.

    • The part where you said “someone who doesn’t have a facebook account is very suspicious” got me. I have an account but hardly use it, and I am a bit of a hermit. My friends get so frustrated with me for hardly ever getting on..and for what? I know you hate women, and I am a woman, but just keep being you. There is nothing wrong with enjoying silence/solitude, especially in a world as fast paced as this one.

  48. “most guys would rather complain about reality, than adapt to it.”

    You probably don’t know that your “nature” is the thing we hate. And believe it or not, some of us feel like we shouldn’t change what’s real and truth about ourselves just to “adapt” to your issues. Haven’t you heard that men are logical beings while women are emotional creatures? In my opinion, if women would just give it at least a little bit to the idea of being a little rational I think the world would be a better place. And you would probably end up with a “nice guy” instead (Boring aside… yes yes I know you would rather be with a jerk cause they are fun, right? But it’s not the man’s job to make you happy. Be happy yourself!)

  49. Thank you for this article. I am female raised mainly by my father (my mum was at work most of the time) and grew up with a brother. I was discouraged through my childhood for being too ‘girly,’ as my father and brother would ask for instance ‘why would you want to paint your nails?’ I remember once my grandma bought me a handbag, I didn’t have one, and my dad and bro made fun of me saying it was silly and girly so I never used it. I grew up in a farming community and I was always expected to be able to fix things myself and help out.

    For this reason I think, I have mainly male friends. I do have a couple of close girlfriends but I totally dislike being around groups of only females as I find they can get very bitchy and catty. I feel more comfortable around men and I just find them far more interesting in many ways. I am also the only female at my workplace of 50 people.

    I absolutely love men, and it is heartbreaking when I hear men talk about how awful women are. I feel so bad, and I try to think of way to help. I am currently single but was in a relationship with one man who would drink and start raving on about how women are just things and we are just there for the pleasure of men. This used to make me feel worthless. I suppose this article sheds some light on why some men say they hate women. Yes, I have rejected men, but I have also been rejected, and it’s not nice from either side. I don’t know, I just thought I’d share this.

  50. R

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