Merry Christmas 2014

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Christmas is a time for celebration, fun, and admittedly stress. It’s also a time of great loneliness and a lack of cheer for many people. The more introverted and shy often have a hard time at Christmas because the holiday is portrayed as a time of fun, family, friends, and even love (watch a Christmas movie).

However, for a lot of people, there are very little of those elements. It’s sad, but true. Christmas induced depression is real. The weather is colder, there is extra stress, and some people just can’t take it. However, the Christmas season is about hope and there is hope, even if times it doesn’t feel like it.

Social transformation is possible. Lots of people don’t believe it. They don’t think that anything works. They are taught to “be yourself” and when they don’t like themselves they have no methods for self-improvement. In addition, it’s often considered “shallow” to care about being more popular and liked.

We know that being liked and loved are basic human needs. Having friends and getting into a relationship are both essential for the vast majority of humans to be happy. Denying the need or pretending it doesn’t exist is pointless. That’s why we provide help. Look around the site. Check out our books. Let your personal transformation begin today.

Merry Christmas!

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