Creative New Year Resolution Ideas

If I asked you to give me a few New Year resolution ideas, I’m sure you could. Losing weight and making more money are very common resolutions. Giving up vices like smoking or drinking are also quite popular. But, what if you want something a little more creative?

New Year Resolution Ideas

Quick, now list a few of your past resolutions. I’ll bet you’ll struggle to even remember a few of them. Maybe they weren’t so memorable after all.

Did you keep them? I’ll bet you didn’t, which is probably why you don’t even remember them. However, if you keep picking the usual resolutions, don’t be shocked if you also keep failing at them.

Creative New Year Resolutions

If you want to keep your resolutions, you probably should pick a few new year resolution ideas that are a little more creative, or at least personal. While you might need to lose weight or quit smoking, those aren’t exactly unique.

So, here are a few creative resolutions that you might never even have thought about. Try them out and see if you can change your life for the better.

Practice Mindfulness

Think about your previous year. If you’re like the typical adult, it went way too fast and much of it was a blur. Heck, the previous two weeks, the time around Christmas, may have seemed to go the fastest! And, the Christmas holiday season is supposed to be one of the most meaningful times of the year.

A creative New Year resolution idea is to be more mindful. This largely means paying attention. Take a break from the hustle and the bustle and simply take in the present moment non-judgmentally.

Do this frequently, not only at moments throughout the day, but also in longer breaks (like spending a Saturday in nature).

You can start being mindful simply by breathing. Become aware of your breath, then the rest of your body and finally move to the world around you. Start for five minutes and see how long you can go. Being more mindful in the new year will help your mental health. It’ll also help you pay more attention to loved ones. A good book on mindfulness is Mindfulness For Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

If you want to set aside time each day for mindful meditation (or other types), we recommend the app Insight Timer. Check out our review of Insight Timer for more information.

Ditch the Technology

Own the technology; don’t let it own you. Way too much time in life is wasted staring at a screen. Between computers, tablets, smart phones, video games, and televisions, it’s amazing some people even get a glimpse of the real world.

I love technology, but I love living in the real world even more. Don’t try to give up the gadgets (an unrealistic goal, since as I mentioned above there are many helpful apps). Instead, limit your time on the computer or phone. And, use those gadgets to connect in the real world. For example, use your phone to meet up with a friend in real life.

In the video below we explain a little more about mindfulness, and show how it should not be done!

Start a Business

Surveys show that people generally hate their jobs. In fact, one study showed the job dissatisfaction number at over ninety percent! People typically hate their work are because they have no control and feel they aren’t making a difference. They feel powerless, like hamsters stuck on a spinning wheel, going nowhere with no meaning. Is that you? It likely is.

One way to get out of this rut is to start your own business. Utilize your skills and be in charge. The best business idea is to find a need and try to meet that need. If it aligns with a passion of yours, then it’s even better. Start small and build slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A couple of great books on starting a business are Effortless Entrepreneur By Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman and Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco.

A Daily Act of Kindness

One of the best new year resolution ideas is to resolve to make at least one person’s life better each day. It can be as simple as buying someone’s coffee in line behind you to donating something to the local food bank. These happen a lot during the holidays, but not much afterwards.

Not only will this goal help someone in need, it will also help you feel better. Giving of ourselves is great for our mental health.

Small Fitness Goals

Finally, try integrating small fitness goals into your life. I suggest having larger fitness goals as well, but smaller ones can be helpful because they slowly add up and are easy to achieve.

David ran 100 miles in November (a pretty large fitness goal). However, he also committed to doing 50 push-ups, 20 chin-ups, and 30 dips a day. By the end of November those numbers were nearly doubled. Maybe 10 push-ups is more realistic for you, but whatever it is, commit to doing them every single day and you’ll find that within a month or two you are looking and feeling better from a five minute commitment each day.

So, while you can resolve to lose weight or get fit (and these are great goals), try these creative new year resolution ideas to have an amazing (and unique) new year. We have many books and other resources to help you achieve your resolutions and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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