Online Dating Tips For Men

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Think online dating is the wave of the future (or present)? Having trouble meeting people in the “real world?” Strapped for time? You might want online dating tips for men to expand your pool of available women. Whatever your reason for online dating, it’s important to realize the truth about it.

Here’s the truth: internet dating can be tough, especially for guys. Sometimes it’s tougher than “real world” dating. However, it is possible to succeed. These tips are geared towards getting dates in all online settings and this includes singles websites like OK Cupid,, etc.

The Rules Of Attraction Apply

This is the most important of the advice (which is why it’s first).  The rules of attraction still apply online. You have to be confident, excellent, high value, and have the other traits women look for in a man.

Some guys think internet dating is a way to get around the rules of attraction. But having an online profile doesn’t change the way women are programmed to like men. So, if you’re unattractive to the ladies in real life, you’d better step up your game because online dating won’t solve your problems. You’ll just be single and poorer.

Show Your Best Side

When you’re online, you have a distinct advantage that you lack in face to face interaction: time. If you approach a girl in a club, you have to think on your feet and present your best self immediately. With online dating, whether creating a profile or responding to messages, you have time to think about your responses and craft them accordingly.

So, when you create an online profile (even your Facebook one), put yourself in the best light and appear “high value,” which is what women ultimately want in a guy. So, make yourself look confident, successful, witty, and worth dating. You have time, so use it.

Sadly, lots of guys look whiny, petty, and angry online. They may have a great profile, but they behave badly because they think the internet allows them to be jerks or idiots. Make sure you behave online in a way that would get you dates, especially if your real name is attached.

Don’t Lie Or Tell Your Life Story

It’s easy to lie when you’re online. While you should always put the best spin on your situation, never outright lie. If you’re short, don’t imply you’re tall. If you work at McDonald’s, don’t hint that you’re a high powered businessman. In person lying is a lot tougher, but when doing online dating, it’s all too easy.

If your goal is anything beyond a chat on Facebook or getting emails from dating sites, then you will be facing the girl in real life. And, those lies? Well, they’ll likely come back to bite you, especially if they’re whoppers and you don’t live up to her expectations.

Also, don’t tell your life story. Keep a little mystery so the other person can have the joy of getting to know you. Plus, the more you say in your profile the more you’re going to possibly turn someone off with something you write. Online all you have are your words (and maybe pics).

Stand Out

On straight singles websites, the men always outnumber the women, usually significantly. So, guys are back to “real world” dating: fighting to be noticed in a crowd of other guys.

Ironically, online singles sites may even be more difficult than real life because instead of a hundred girls at a crowded club, a guy could be fighting thousands of girls in a localized search. This means you must stand out.

Be funny and creative with your profile (but in a high value way). When you message women, show your confidence and uniqueness. A beautiful woman with an online profile may literally receive hundreds of messages a day. Yours must be different.

One good way to stick out is to be witty (even teasing her) based on her profile. It makes you look confident and funny and it shows you paid attention to her. It may not be enough to win her over, but it’ll at least get you a second look.

Get Her Out In Real Life

All online dating should be done with the real world in mind. So, whatever you do, always be moving the relationship towards real life encounters. If you get into a good conversation on Facebook, try to get her out for coffee. If you have a profile on a dating website and build some good rapport with a girl there, invite her out after a couple of days.

Lots of people have a hard time dating in person, so doing it online becomes a crutch. Then, when the real world part (going out) kicks in, they chicken out.

As a guy, you’re at a distinct disadvantage online. The ladies often look at more intangible elements like personality, confidence, and body language when feeling attracted to a man.

Guess what? You can’t show those online! That means a lot of awesome guys who could win over ladies in person with the right techniques absolutely fail online. So, get to that first date as quickly as possible. Otherwise you become a set of statistics that women can use to reject you (e.g. too short, too skinny, or anything else).

Online Dating Tips For Men

So, get out there and date online. Be aware of the drawbacks of online dating, but use it as another weapon in your arsenal of being a successful dater.

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