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While a lot of our advice seems geared towards single guys, what makes guys attractive is actually universal. In other words, a lot of what makes a guy irresistible to beautiful women makes him attractive to everyone, including other men, young people, his wife, his kids, bosses, etc.

In preparation for Father’s Day 2013 (June 16), we are running a four part series of articles dedicated to helping you become a great father. These tips aren’t your typical parenting advice, which focus on the parent-child interaction.

Rather, we focus on you, the father. We want to help you become an amazing and confident man who can then be a great role model to your kids (and their friends). If you are attractive to your kids in a confident and assertive way, then being a great father is that much easier. These tips will also help you become a better leader and person, as well.

So, check back next week in the days leading up to Father’s Day for parenting advice. You can be a popular, confident, and amazing dad.

We’re also going to be running specials on our book so you can give that man in your life a gift that will make him happier, more successful, and a better parent.

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