Our Interview With Morgen Bailey

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We’ve recently been promoting our new book through various interviews. Our most recent is through author and blogger Morgen Bailey. You can find her questions and our answers about the book on her blog (and another link on this blog).

Morgen has been great to work with and we want to thank her for the chance to appear on her wonderful blog. She has our sincere gratitude!

If you haven’t purchased our book yet, we invite you to check it out. It encompasses a lot of the themes we pursue here on the website: popularity, success tips, fashion advice, dating, friend making, health, fitness, etc.

However, it’s a lot more detailed, we explore the scientific background more extensively, and we offer practical tips and practice exercises.

In essence, it’s a popularity handbook for guys. Remember, however, our definition of popularity is being attractive. So, it really is about transforming your life everyone: socially, at work, in your home, with your friends, etc.

So, check out the interview and have a look at our book. The interview should explain a lot about both the book and our reasons for writing it. You can buy it from Amazon.com on either Kindle or in print.

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  1. Thank you very much, Jonathan (and David). It was my pleasure hosting you. I do have other opportunities for another time. 🙂 http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/submission-information/opportunities-on-this-blog

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