Order “Size Doesn’t Matter” Today, The Short Man’s Dating Handbook

Size Doesn't Matter CoverWe have just released our newest book, Size Doesn’t Matter: The Short Man’s Handbook of Dating And Relationship Success. This is a book that many of our clients and readers have asked for.

Let’s be honest. In the “dating game” shorter guys are at a disadvantage. (Lack of) height is almost always a main reason short guys get rejected by women. Some women are vocal about their lack of interest (and sometimes outright hatred) of shorter guys. Online dating is particularly bad, and many women pre-sort any guy who isn’t tall.

Add this to the reality that in virtually every movie and fairy tale the hero is usually a tall guy (at least in comparison to the girl) and the male villain is often short. Many people even openly mock short celebrities like Tom Cruise for his height (there are actually good reasons to poke fun at Cruise…his height isn’t one of them though).

Yet, we all know shorter guys that get all kinds of female attention (Cruise included). What do these guys have that other short guys don’t? Well, we explain this is Size Doesn’t Matter. We include over 280 pages of top-notch, science-based tips that will give any guy the power to become more attractive to women, and make up for the height disadvantage.  This book is empowering for shorter guys, and includes a great appendix with funny and confident “come backs” for when women (and men) use short stature as a put-down.

The feedback we have gotten from this book has been very positive, and even taller guys that have read it have said the advice is spot on, for everybody.

Order it today in print and on kindle.

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