Our Soldiers: True Heroes

arlington nationalWe talk a lot about role models for guys and how to be more of a man. We’ve talked about football players, presidents, and a variety of other guys whose deeds should inspire men to greatness. However, there is one group of men whose actions and efforts should inspire guys everywhere: men who serve (or have served) in the armed forces.

Evolution has wired men to be providers and protectors, above all. Although we may not mention those words frequently, they certainly underlie all that we do here at The Popular Man. Our tips are designed to help guys “man up” so to speak. This confidence, power, strength, and intelligence ultimately goes back to living our roles as providers and protectors.

The men in our armed forces certainly play the provider and protector role in the most pronounced fashion. They provide freedom, stability, and safety. They also protect millions of other people. Although they aren’t always in harm’s way, everyone in the military recognizes that is a real possibility in signing up.

So, our soldiers (men and women) are true heroes. And, for men, male soldiers are great role models of masculinity and manhood. Take the time today to thank our soldiers and veterans and remember the sacrifice of those who have given their all in service to their countries.

On behalf of The Popular Man, thank you to all our active soldiers, veterans, and those who have given their lives. Happy Memorial Day!

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