Quercetin and Athletic Endurance

A sepia image of a bicep curlMany of our readers know that we advocate taking care of your body if you want to be popular. One important component of this is exercise. Many of us train pretty hard, and are always looking for a way to safely get that “extra” mile, minute, or pound lifted.

And, if you’re not training hard, then you absolutely should consider it. It’s important to actually train at the level where you’re seeing tangible benefits to your body and health. Low level “junk” exercise, while beneficial, isn’t all that helpful in transforming poor health or flabby bodies.

A small study suggests that the nutrient Quercetin might increase endurance. The treatment group nearly doubled the bike-riding time of the control group.  This is exciting and suggests Quercetin may be a supplement I add to my list of workout vitamins. The connection between Quercetin and athletic endurance is intriguing to say the least.

I take Quercetin fairly regularly because of its possible anti-aging properties. The hypothesis is that Quercetin, like Resveratrol, regulates Sirtuin in the body. Of course, this has not been proven, but Quercetin seems to have other benefits as well. Apparently we can add increased endurance to the list of potential benefits.

So, if you’re considering upping the intensity of your exercise (and, if you’re not pushing yourself, you should be), then add Quercetin to the mix to increase your endurance and get the absolute most from your exercise experience.

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