Quit Being A Clone

cloned babiesWhen I was a student at Ohio University, you could always tell the fraternity members: they wore khaki pants and blue dress shirts around campus.

I don’t want to pick on the Greeks at schools because there are a lot of awesome leaders in that group. But, those organizations promote conformity of the individual to the whole.

And, they aren’t alone. Conformity is the norm in most of our social groups: schools, religions, jobs, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with conforming or being a part of the crowd, in some cases. However, if you want to be a high value man who is attractive to others, you’ll have to stick out positively, especially in certain environments where conformity is the norm. Those environments could be work, clubs, festivals, etc.

There are several ways to actually not be a clone. However, it doesn’t mean you have to go out and become a freak or attention whore. It just means that you find a way to distinguish yourself from the majority of the crowd.

It could be choosing bolder clothes, being fit and healthy, being funny, etc. Fortunately, there are many ways to stand out in a positive and productive way. But, most people don’t make the effort to actually do it.

Average is called that because it’s what most people are. You don’t want to simply have “being normal” going for you (of course that helps as a base). The vast majority of people have that because average or near average is the majority. But, you also don’t want to turn into a freak. You want to be on unique side of the spectrum, but be at the top of it.

If you want to be noticed and get attention, you’ll have to quit being a clone. Stand out in a positive way and you’ll be more attractive to others. Stop being so average and just a clone of other people. Pursue excellence and be awesome. Fortunately, we offer tips to do just that.

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