Relaxed Guys Are More Attractive To Women

Image courtesy of Ambro/

Image courtesy of Ambro/

One of the key principles we teach in our classes and book is detachment. Rarely do you see popularity and attractiveness tips bring in meditation and relaxation techniques.

But, we believe being cool and stress free is very important to success in dating, networking, and other areas. This is our personal experience and that of our clients.

The scientific research agrees. In a study of Latvian men, women were attracted to men with higher testosterone levels and a stronger immune system. Those were no surprises.

However, they also preferred men with a lower cortisol level. Cortisol, if you remember from biology class, is the stress hormone. It lowers your testosterone over time.

So, the study, although limited, points to the importance of not only being healthy and fit through diet and exercise, but also remembering to care for your spirit as well. In other words, the principles we know work in the field –detachment, coolness, and flexibility — are biologically grounded.

What this means is that relaxed guys are more attractive to women. And, cortisol isn’t merely created when we have a high stress situation. The worst kind of cortisol is the low level type that is constantly in the background as we stress over daily life, jobs, bad family situations, etc.

It’s important to handle this low level stress by finding ways to relax and have fun. Meditate or pray. Watch funny shows. Spend time with people you love and respect. Let loose a little (or a lot). It may just get you a date.

So, it appears that not only is the constant low level stress killing you in the long run, it’s also making you less attractive to women.

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