Having The Right Attitude To Make It Through the Tough Mudder – And Life

Back of the Tough Mudder T-ShirtI just completed the Tough Mudder, and I must say it was a great time. The weather was colder than I would have liked (especially since the water we had to regularly jump into was even colder), but hey, I knew it would be tough right?? After 11.5 miles of swimming, cold water, electrocution, slipping on mud, steep uphills, and more, I was very ready to change into my warm sweats and get some dinner, but I will do it again for sure!

I wrote a post on our sister site, about the Tough Mudder Pledge, which is similar to this post. Here, I want to talk about having the right attitude, and how this same attitude will give you success not only in an event like the Tough Mudder, but also in life. Below are some traits the Tough Mudder event encourages participants to have. Not only are they values for contestants in the event, but they are great principles to live a balanced life.


A lot of people view life as one big competition. The Tough Mudder folks remind us that people get farther is they cooperate. Multiple people being excellent is always better for everybody involved than one or two people hoarding their excellence. Truly excellent people have no problem helping others. Helping others will make you more popular. Just as we helped everybody that needed it on the Mudder course, you should (while setting boundaries with your time and energy) cooperate and help others as much as possible.

Put People First

People should come first, before anything else. Many guys screw other people because they think it will help them advance at work or get them dates, etc. Just remember that uncool actions on your part will catch up with you. Whether you call it “karma,” “divine justice,” or even “what goes around, comes around,” if you walk on people, you will eventually get what you deserve. Instead, put people over things like data, money, etc.

Don’t Whine

Besides being creepy, being whiny is a great way to be unpopular, and turn people off of you. Being whiny is extremely bad for a man, because women consider it unattractive. The Tough Mudder pledge reminds us that “kids whine,” although I would argue that only unpopular kids whine a lot. Instead of whining, try assertively communicating your concerns, and if you cannot do that, then there are times when just “sucking it up,” dealing with the issue, and even trying harder work.

Overcome Your Fears

Some fear is natural and keeps us alive (nature wants us to live to have babies!). However, most of our fears are caused by our past, the influence of others, and the development of self-limiting attitudes over the years. Just as I had to immediately face some of my natural fears (heights, jumping in a dumpster full of ice, etc) during the Mudder, in life we have to face down our unhelpful fears. A fear of a lion chasing you is helpful; fearing contact with a woman is not.

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