Short And Popular? Absolutely! No More Excuses

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You’re a short man. If you want to be popular with men and women (for friendship or dating), you’re totally screwed. Right?


Height does matter. The scientific evidence shows that taller guys have an easier path through life when it comes to meeting women and going farther in their careers. But, these are just averages.

There are tall people who are miserable failures and short guys who are extremely successful, even in “tall” fields like acting and sports. Don’t believe me? Look at actor Tom Cruise and star running back Maurice Jones Drew.

I believe that there is also a chicken and egg type thing going with some of these studies. Society tells short people they are inferior, so they begin to internalize it.

Thus, the more a study (and the opinion of others) shows short people are inferior, the more short guys believe it.

Plus, a lot of short guys I know are whiny about it. No offense to them (I’m short myself), but it’s true. There are even internet short forums where guys whine about their heights all day. Heightism may be real and need addressed, but no person likes hanging with a whiner. Being proud and fighting discrimination and disadvantages will beat complaining every time.

Oh, and whining is unattractive, whether you’re tall or short. But, if you already have a disadvantage (like height), then you have to do the other stuff even more right.

I still think I should add that evolution has certainly favored tall guys. But it also favors guys with six pack abs and fit bodies. But, guys without those traits find success in the world all the time.

If you’re short, then you can be successful with women and other guys. You can get a good job and be respected. Our tips on this website will help make you popular, regardless of height. But, you have to follow them. Keep checking back regularly to improve your life and become more popular.

But, if you want it to work, you have to stop the whining, the self loathing, and the anger over your height right now. Height is a disadvantage, even a pretty large one. But it can be overcome by doing other things right.

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