Single On Valentines Day: Four Survival Tips

close up of red roseIt’s officially the supposed romantic time of year: Valentines Day. For many happy couples this holiday is the pinnacle of the expression of their love. For those who are single on Valentines Day, it becomes the pinnacle of their depression about their lack of dates.

If you are the one who is single on Valentines Day, then don’t despair. We offer four survival tips.

Remember It’s Only A Day

St. Valentine’s Day was a Catholic holiday dedicated to a guy who died for his Christian faith. It’s not even officially celebrated in the Church anymore. That’s OK, because Hallmark and other companies continue the celebratory tradition.

I’m not one to ruin anyone’s fun. If you love Valentines Day, then enjoy it! But, it’s really just a fake holiday designed to make a few people money. So, if you are single on Valentines Day, in the grand scheme of things, it means little. You might as well be single on St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen’s day (April 24th). In other words, don’t stress about it.

Don’t Show Your Sadness

Even if you are sad, don’t show it. Here’s why: you’ll only get pity from other people. And, being the object of pity, especially for a guy, isn’t attractive to the opposite sex in any way. That means that if you show the world you are sad and lonely on Valentines Day, no one will say “hey, I’d love to date that winner.”

While it may be tough, resist the urge to mope around and whine to others. Enjoy the company of your friends and family and don’t worry about being single.

Find A Way To Have Fun

A good way to keep your mind off being single on Valentines Day is to find something fun to do. Get together with friends or family and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Go bowling, eat at a new restaurant, try to meet new people. Just do something that is fun and exciting and gives you something to look forward to.

New activities are often the best for this. And, try to bring a friend with you, so you’ll have company on a day when most people have someone else by their side.

Stop Being Single

Most people are single for a reason. They lack the skills or traits necessary to get a date. So, resolve to learn those skills. Personal change may not be easy, but the reward means a relationship, so it’s worth it.

For women, being youthful (as much as is possible) and flirty are great traits to get a man. In addition, the physical matters. If you’ve added some extra pounds, take them off, grow out your hair, etc. For men, it comes down to being confident and high value. If you want to know more dating tips, check out our dating category page. Resolve from this day forward not to be single on Valentines Day next year.

Below is a video about some male dating tips (that you probably shouldn’t follow if you want to have a relationship)

So, hopefully these four survival tips will help you as you deal with Valentines Day loneliness. Above all, keep bettering yourself and learning the proper skills so that you’ll have a date (and maybe even more) next year.

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  1. Good points…only constructive comment I would add is that the advice to women to be “skinny” might be like a wide variety of women. I might say “fit and healthy” since “skinny” has a negative connotation depending on your viewpoint. I prefer a woman that cares about her body and her health but I personally don’t want a woman that is going for the starved waif look pushed on women by the modeling world and the Hollywood marketing machine. Nothing disappointed me more than when Jennifer Lopez seemingly listened to criticism of her famous rear and worked it off…I want a lady that owns her look and doesn’t cave in to what others say.

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    You’re right about the whole skinny thing. I updated the post to reflect that. Fit and healthy are much more important and attractive. I use skinny as a catch all sometimes as the opposite of fat.

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