Spring Cleaning Your Life

light with spring flowersSpring is upon us, even if the weather doesn’t always correspond to our expectations. Many people start focusing on spring cleaning this time of year, which is a great idea. As I found when I recently sold a house, a thorough cleaning can be a fantastic thing!

However, while many men and women do a good job of physically cleaning a house, they really need to spring clean their lives even more (and do it throughout other seasons). So, here are our general tips for spring cleaning your life.

De-Clutter Your Space

While mental tips are important, many of us have cluttered minds because we are around clutter all day. Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. And, in many cases, it’s stuff we no longer use or care about. But, it’s sitting around anyway.

It’s emotionally freeing to live in a simpler environment. For one, it gives us fewer things to clean and worry about. It may be time to go through your stuff and find what you can sell, give away, or just plain toss.

I recently sold around a third of my books, most them unread. Many of them were from a period in my life I’d rather forget. At first I was scared and worried that I’d need them. But, I sold them anyway and it felt liberating. I’ve never missed them nearly a year later. But, I really enjoy not having them clutter up my bookshelf.

De-Clutter Your Mind

When I moved, I had a lot of junk that just needed to be tossed from my office. However, as humans we often have even more serious junk that needs to be tossed from our minds. Spring cleaning your life successfully requires that you get rid of this junk too (maybe even more so).

We hold onto many unhelpful thinking patterns, many of them since childhood. Maybe we get mad easily or are afraid of meeting new people. Whatever the hang up, spring is as good a time as any to get rid of it.

So, this spring, as you start cleaning the house, vow to clean your mind as well. Get rid of the negative thoughts and patterns that are holding you back. Sit down and reevaluate your thinking habits and patterns that are unhelpful or downright harmful.

Re-Design Your Brain

Brain wiring can be changed, even at later ages. That’s good news for all people older than twenty-five who haven’t achieved their dreams in life (pretty much everyone in that age group). If you’re going to throw out the negative junk in your brain, then put some positive material in its place.

Try to expand your mind a little and embrace thinking that moves you forward towards your dreams. Take up a new hobby. Learn a new skill. Whatever you pick, make it positive. Read some good self help books or watch a movie on self-betterment. We like What The Bleep Do We Know? It’s a life changing documentary/film. Our book Be Popular Now is also a great way to revamp your life.

Get Physically Fit

Your brain is a part of the body. That means if your body is mistreated, under nourished, and unhealthy, your brain will suffer the consequences too. Part of spring cleaning your life involves getting your body healthier. In many ways, getting healthier is easy. Lose weight, eat in a healthy fashion, and exercise. It’s really that simple (even if the execution is difficult).

We have a health and fitness category page that can jump start your physical fitness goals. Check it out. Look and feel your best and your life will be much more fulfilling.

So, best of luck with spring cleaning your life. Check out our many other resources to be your most excellent and successful self!

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