St. Patrick’s Day Weekend


This weekend is when most people will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Although it’s hardly a real holiday, it is a time when a lot of people get out and are open to having a good time. A lot of men and women will be out Friday and Saturday.

So, this is a good weekend to get out and meet new people. Not only are the majority of people trying to have a good time, but a lot of places will be packed with people. If you are single or just want to meet new friends, you’ll likely have a good chance to find some success.

While we give regular tips to meet people and find dates (you can check them out here), St. Patrick’s Day weekend gives you a few new opportunities. First, you can use the Irish theme to your advantage. Pretend to be Irish or have a friend who looks Irish and talk about being Irish. This could be a great opener. Approach a group and say something like “how’d you like to meet someone here who really is Irish tonight?”

It’s a good conversation starter. If you don’t appear Irish, then do it as a joke. Whatever happens, you can use an Irish joke or observation as an opener to get to know someone new.

Second, a lot of people have Irish related outfits or props. You can wear your own or comment on someone else’s. It’s a good way to draw attention to yourself or give it to someone else. However, if you wear something or do something slightly outrageous, make sure that it doesn’t make you look low value or stupid. Make sure they’re laughing with you rather than at you.

Third, go out with a friend or group of friends. That way, you’re not going out to pick up women or look for a friend. That attitude leads to desperation. People go out on St. Patrick’s Day to have a good time. Join in the fun and they’ll want to be around you. Make it about having fun, get around the people, and use your skills. That will bring you the most success on St. Patrick’s Day.

So, have a good time and try to meet some new people. And, happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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