Starting to Go Bald? Act Quickly To Stop Hair Loss!

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Have you noticed that you’ve been losing hair? Is your dad bald? Do you fear getting the “chrome dome” look? Well, don’t let anxiety get the best of you. If you act quickly you can stop hair loss (and even grow some back).

Most men go bald because of a condition called “male pattern baldness.” This is the common balding pattern you see in the majority of bald guys: hair is lost first around the top back and front of the head until nothing is left except a semi-circle of hair.

While other forms of baldness can be reversed by treating the underlying medical condition, there’s no way to stop male pattern baldness from occurring. It’s genetic. If your genes say you’re going bald, then you are. Sorry for the news.

Lots of bald guys are successful and popular, so baldness isn’t the end of the world. While you don’t want to do the comb-over, you can shave or manage your hair and still look presentable. Women prefer hair on men, but most will date a bald guy.

However, having hair is still an asset. Studies show that bald men suffer more from self-esteem and confidence issues than guys with plenty of hair. This is probably related to the fact that, for a man in Western culture, having hair is considered the “norm.”

If you are already bald, you still have options outside of a toupee (which I do not recommend). One example is a hair transplant.

If you are currently balding or it runs in your family (look to your mother’s side, like to your uncles, for the most clues about whether or not you’ll be bald), then you can be ready to tackle baldness if it starts creeping up on you.

The key to beating baldness cheaply and easily is to catch it extremely early. The best ways are to check your drain and talk to your barber. In most cases, when you begin balding it should be fairly obvious. Just avoid denial. The solution is pretty cheap and convenient.

If you notice more hair shedding than usual (remember, losing some hair everyday is normal), you will need to consult a doctor. If it’s the start of male pattern baldness and not another condition, then you have several options. One is getting on a drug called propecia which is somewhat expensive with numerous side-effects (and is prescription only).

My favorite is Minoxidil, which is the generic form of Rogaine (Regaine outside of North America). As long as the balding is just starting, minoxidil will help you stop the loss and may even regrow some hair. It’s available over the counter and you can find it everywhere, even WalMart. It’s easy to apply (using a dropper or sprayer to apply to the scalp) and only requires about ten seconds a day of your time.

Also, it’s cheap. If you buy generic minoxidil from a discount store, a month supply will only cost you about eight dollars. A little under one hundred dollars a year is a bargain to keep your hair!  Brand name minoxidil, Rogaine, costs a lot more. If you’re on a budget use generic minoxidil.

However, be aware of the side effects and possible drawbacks. It is a drug! However, it is widely used, and considered safe enough to be available over-the-counter in the United States.

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So, if you think you’re balding, then get to your doctor. Once you’ve confirmed it’s male pattern baldness, then head to the drug store and get some minoxidil. It’s a cheap and easy way to successfully stop baldness before it advances.

For more information and other options check out David’s newest article about how he and I stopped hair loss for over 19 years.

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  1. What’s better and works quite well than minoxidil is hairloss shampoo with ketoconazole, the one i always buy is called regenepure. I always buy it at I think it’s worth and helps with preventing hair loss and promotes hairgrowth.

  2. I would stay clear from advice listed in this article.

    Minoxidil is proven to have severe side effects such as collagen breakdown, dizziness, etc. Also, minoxidil doesn’t grow permanent hair. If you stop using it, all the grown hair falls out. Also, don’t look at hormone altering drugs such as propecia or proscar. These WILL prevent hair loss, but at the cost of significantly altering your hormones.

    Whether you are 20, 30 , or 50+ you really don’t want to be altering your hormones. Hormone alteration could lead to sexual problems, and kidney problems.

    I recommend 3 options. 1. Rock the bald look. 2. Wear a wig. 3. Get a Hair transplant.
    I personally think option 1 or 2 is the best. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing a wig if it is high grade. Many professional athletes, and young male celebrities wear wigs or partial hair systems. Some examples include Sean Connery when he as only 21, and Enrique Iglesias in his late 20s. They are completely undetectable too.

    The hair transplant option is reasonable. Although it is major surgery, it has less side effects than propecia, rogaine, and minoxidil. However, you must be a good candidate for a hair transplant and you must be aware of the difficult of such procedures. Follow up procedures are very common place, especially in younger males.

    I am a 30 year old physician who is personally bald. I wear a high grade European piece. I can tell you that I have no problems getting girls either.

  3. Jonathan Bennett’s argument is invalid, biased, and uneducated.

    Don’t listen to this article! Minoxidil should never be applied to the scalp. Minoxidil has been linked with sensitivity, itchiness, and the WORSE, aging.

    Yes, minoxidil can cause aging. Minoxidil contains enzyme repulsing chemicals, which destroy critical proteins in the hair follicles. Long term use lead to wrinkles, age spots, and creases on the scalp.

    Writers like Bennett write only what you want to hear. Consult the concrete science behind minoxidil and why it works. Also search why it causes severe side effects.

  4. Jonathan Bennett says:

    I have no dog in the minoxidil fight, except to say that it is a cheap, generally effective way to keep your hair. Obviously all drugs have side effects, some long term. Men, with their doctors, have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Thanks for the input, though.

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