Styles Are Getting Bolder

pink shirt on hangerWe haven’t said much about fashion advice lately, but since fashion changes so quickly, it’s important to talk about some of the newest in men’s styles. For general points, check out our article on male fashion advice.

A quick look at even the regular stores will tell you that fashions for men are going in a bolder direction. You’ll notice more stripes and neon and pastel type colors. It appears to be something right out of the 1980s for those of us who lived during that decade.

I truly believe that you need to keep current on your fashion. So, don’t let the new styles scare you off. You don’t want to look like you’re stuck in 2001 or even worse 1991 (although with 1981 you could possibly get by with the new styles). But, keep in mind a few things when you encounter these new styles.

Age Matters

While the bolder and more colorful styles can be successfully worn by guys of any age, just avoid the boldest and most fashion forward if you’re outside of your twenties. You don’t want to look like you’re forty going on fourteen. No one likes or respects that.

Keep It Masculine

A lot of the styles push the fashion envelope a little bit. If you embrace them (which you should to some degree), then you want to make sure to look straight if you’re straight. If you are more feminine in your looks, but straight, then don’t embrace the more fashion forward side of the trends. You don’t want women you want to date thinking you’re gay.

Be Environment Appropriate

If I wore one of my brighter print T-shirts to a professional environment, I wouldn’t garner a whole lot of respect. So, when you wear the new styles (or any style for that matter), make sure to be appropriate. What works at the club may not fly at work.

So, the fashion styles are getting bolder. Whether or not you fully embrace it is up to you. But, if you decide to wear the newer fashions for men, then keep our tips in mind.

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