Summer Fitness Series

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Although the start to spring has been slow in many parts of the United States, summer is still only a couple months away. With the weather getting better and the clothes getting skimpier (at least by winter standards), it’s time to start looking our best. As a result, we are going to offer our readers a series of workouts that can help anyone (male or female) get in shape.

Our goal for this series is to spotlight workouts that anyone can do relatively cheaply and that are effective for beginners or people wanting to take it to the next level. And, we are especially attuned to busy people who might need something intense, yet concise.

If you’re looking to maximize your workouts, get in shape for the first time, or just explore the world of fitness, this series is for you. Check back next Wednesday for the first in our series where we examine a workout that not only burns fat and builds strength, but also has been connected to anti-aging research. Don’t miss it!

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