Swagger 101 (Advanced)

business man in sunglasses

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We offer plenty of great free resources. However, some guys prefer the support and personalized attention that we can provide with consulting. Check out our great introductory rates! With this package, you receive individualized advice, practice assignments and follow-up discussions, tips, techniques, and guidance. We will also help motivate you and keep you on track.

Some guys have swagger, and some don’t. If those that don’t have it try to fake it, it just looks ridiculous or creepy. Is it possible to “get” swagger if you weren’t born with it? Absolutely! I have never seen a baby with swagger, so if they can learn, so can you. In this package, you will be guided through what it means to exude swagger, in your voice, words, body language, and very being.

You’ll know what constitutes swagger, and what just looks creepy or awkward. This is an advanced course. We suggest taking the Confidence and/or Dating Skills Basic package first. However, you may purchase this course without first taking the others.

Only $240 $180 (Early-bird, online special); To order Contact Us (PayPal and Amazon coming soon). Specify your package choice, and provide us with an email to begin contact.

Package includes:

Free 15 minute phone or Skype evaluation
Four 40-minute Skype or telephone sessions
1 email follow-up after initial package
Free copy of Be Popular Now, our 250 page book, in print or on Kindle

*Additional sessions available for a reasonable price.

*Face-to-face consultation and practice outings available in the Columbus, Ohio metro area (Contact Us for a price quote)