Take A Vacation (From Your Life)

beach landscapeIt’s vacation time for a lot of people right now. For many men and women, a vacation is a great time to get away from their normal lives. But, if you’re a regular guy who is stuck in a rut and going nowhere, especially socially, then a vacation can be a great time to stop being your boring, dull, unpopular self for awhile.

If you are going on a vacation, see it as a time to let loose and try a few new things. Likely you’re miles from home in a totally new place. You might be with familiar people in your traveling group, but likely the rest are unknown to you.

This is a perfect opportunity to take a few (or many) social risks. For example, you can approach any person you think looks attractive and/or interesting and you can be pretty sure you’ll never see her again. Unless, of course, you actually hit it off. Then, you might have made an interesting new connection (or more).

Even if you’re not inclined to try to start a long distance (or temporary) romance, then vacation is at least a great time to practice (or develop) your skills. Practice approaching, practice rapport building, and practice getting phone numbers and other contact information. Just practice being a confident, high value guy (if it’s hard for you at home).

If you’re going on vacation this summer and want to meet new people, get up the courage to take a few social risks. Just keep in mind that you’re away from home, having a good time, and, as long as she doesn’t have an angry boyfriend right next to her, nothing at all to lose. Use it as an escape. And, a chance to practice so that when you return you don’t have to live a dull, boring, unpopular life anymore.

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