The Eject Button

ejection seatA few weeks ago, I watched as a Facebook friend went back and forth on his wall with another friend about a religious question. At first check (because I have a life), the comments had reached over thirty. The discussion had degraded into pointless bickering, yet no one seemed to realize that the conversation needed to be over.

It’s not just pointless debate on Facebook that needs an eject button. We often find ourselves in social situations where the best action is to simply let the moment die.

In fact, here are a few with examples of when to eject and how to do it with class.

Fruitless Arguments

As with the example I gave earlier, there are times when conversations simply go off track (or never started out that way). Some other examples are discussions about politics, religion, and other deeply held beliefs.

Likely no minds are going to be changed, but the conversation can still end up looking petty and losing the participants friends and admirers.

In these cases, it’s best not to even get involved. If you need to eject, then do so in a way that makes you look calm, in good humor, and relaxed. Show you have a life. In my example, one of the participants could’ve said, “I’m really too busy to spend this much time discussing something so pointless.”

If the other person gets angry and whiny, then it only makes you look better. Don’t take the bait and get sucked back in.

Failed Approaches

Sometimes guys can do everything right and still fail when approaching women. Or maybe the guy simply screws up. But, it doesn’t matter. If the approach fails and the woman is clearly headed towards rejection, it’s time to eject.

There’s nothing more awkward than watching guys try to save a situation that is obviously going no where. Look high value and cool by exiting.

You don’t want to end it in a way that makes you look bad. With women, always stay on top. You might actually make the girl reconsider or at the very least look excellent in front of her friends.

Eject in a way that shows you have value and friends. Say something like, “It’s been good talking to you, but I’m meeting my girlfriend at _____ soon.” You can get edgy too. “While I know it’s been a pleasure talking to me, I feel I need to share myself with more than just you.”

When You’re Bored

Sometimes you’re just in a boring situation and you’re done with the conversation. This is where it’s best to eject in a polite way so you don’t burn unnecessary bridges. Here a false time constraint is the best bet.

Tell the person that you have to be somewhere else soon or that you have other obligations. It’s really that simple. There’s no need to waste any part of your life engaged in a conversation with windbags.

So, these tips should help you know when and how to employ that all important eject button in life.

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